Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wind Turbines in Scipio

What a historic time for our town. We are considering the pros and cons of wind turbines in our town. With a 400 foot tall turbine that has 200 foot blades, this would have a huge impact on our rural landscape. We all know that energy costs are high, though, and we want to be less dependent on other countries for our energy.
I remember a time when most farms had their own windmill to generate electricity. I imagine the debate about allowing the electric companies to place poles in the town was also a topic of great debate at the time.

We are also planning for the future direction of Scipio, and every landowner was recently sent a survey. I hope you filled yours out. What direction will our town take in the future? I imagine that these topics will be discussed by Scipioites at length. The main thing is to involve yourself in the discussion; make your opinion known. Why do you live in Scipio? What do you want to see when you look out your windows ? Let's all join in the conversation.

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