Friday, August 6, 2010

Auburn Cars

While I was visiting the ACPL in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I stayed in a nearby town. I couldn't resist, it was the town of Auburn!
The town is where the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg cars (ACD) were made and I visited that museum, which is on the National Register of historic places.
Much of the first floor is the actual showroom from the early 1900's, the time when these cars were being sold. All the original Art Deco lights, wallpaper or paint and flooring is still there and makes an awesome background for these luxurious cars. I took several photos, and I am going to put together a display for the Scipio Town Offices.
These cars were sleek and luxurious, and I had a hard time settling on a favorite! There was also a display of specialty cars that included a baby blue Shelby mustang, a personal favorite of mine. The second floor had displays of the engines and a room featuring the very first of these cars. On the walls were several prints by famous architect of that era, Frank Lloyd Wright.
The gift shop was nice, and I almost bought myself a wireless computer mouse that was a facsimile of the Auburn autos but settled on a t-shirt and a magnet. I would visit again.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Covered Bridges

Another side trip from Auburn Indiana was to Spencerville, De Kalb County, Indiana, to see the covered bridge. This is also on the National Register of Historic Places.
This web address gives some details and photos about the bridge:
I drove across the bridge. It is over St. Joseph's River, a wide enough river that apparently has some good fishing spots as well as a place to put a boat in. I could see upstream a small rapids, and looking downstream a more peaceful meander of water around a bend. I stayed in the parking area for a bit and listened to the sounds of nature, feeling right at home.

Fort Wayne Library

I am still on the road, folks, in Ohio for a few days at my niece and nephew's home near Akron. I spent the last few days at the Allen County Public Library (ACPL) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I encourage anyone who can to spend some time there. It is a large facility, and genealogy is only one facet of what it offers.
The family history room was amazing. I took a book cart with me and as I filled it from my surname list, I found a few other names of interest. As a Scipio Historian, how could I resist the Howland histories, or the Battey and Howie books?
I had downloaded my Family Tree Maker and personal family wants onto my Netbook, and that was very helpful as I was able to be sure I had the correct family line. I found some information that was previously unknown on two of my families that I had pretty much been stalled out on.
I took the cart to a table. There are plugs for computers, or there are research computers available for use. Cameras are allowed, and I took several photos of books pages that I can print and review when I have more time. Copiers are right there as well. And if you use one of the ACPL computers, and find something to save instead of printing it you can use a thumb drive storage device.