Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Photo of Scipio Cemeteries Etc.

I was looking for some information on our early businesses and citizens to give to the Committee working on Scipio's Comprehensive Plan when I found an old map. This map was apparently reviewed by a previous Historian and then provided to the Planning Board.
She had marked in some interesting places - old cemeteries that are gone or half-forgotten; houses that had walk-in fireplaces or were very old, etc.
With some help from our Cayuga County Rootsweb folks, I am now able to post a link so you can view this map for yourself. Let me know if you have anything to add!
Go have a look-see at:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Town of Brutus and Civil War

My last post started the list of information found on a yellowed sheet of paper, tucked in the Town Clerk book for Brutus. Here are the remaining entries on that paper. If the information is accurate, it means that Ausmun Titus was only 11 years old when he enlisted! Many young lads were caught up in the fervor of the times, and served maybe perhaps not directly in battle but in other ways shared the burden of the men:

William Goodwin Faatz, Brutus Cayuga County Born May 23, 1843, Weedsport, N. Y. E. Jan. 16, 1864. M. Jan. 16, 1864. Private 3 Y 16 Art(?) Bat. M. Enlisted at Elbridge, N. Y. Married. Parent’s names Jacob, Louisa Ernts (?). Occupation Stone Cutter. In the Battle of Fort Fisher. Discharged Aug 21, 1866. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

Reenlisted: William Henry Christian. (Reenlisted) in 16 Cavalry, Co. G.
E August 1, 1863. M. August 19, 1863 for 3 Y. Enlisted at Buffalo, N. Y. Single. Parent’s names Jeremiah, Esther Ann Young. Occupation Butcher. In Battle of D(?)ranesville, Cull Pepper Court House, Warrington Station, Centerville, & wounded in the left shoulder, Ruckim (?). Discharged October 1, 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

Ausmun O. Titus, Brutus, Cayuga County N. Y. Born July 13, 1853 Cato N. Y. E. Sept. 2, 1864. M. Sep 2, 1864. Private, 3rd Art. Bat. A. 1 Y. Enlisted at Auburn, N. Y. collar (color) White, discharged July 3rd 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

Scipioville Remembered

Scipioville was once a busy little town in Scipio. I can remember the grocery store there from the 1960's, run by Horace and Alice Hitchcock King. I'm sure I can blame at least one of my fillings on those delicious chewy caramels with the nougat centers they used to sell! The store was previously owned and run by Alice's grandfather's brother, Fred Hitchcock.
Much earlier than that, in the 1840's, Scipioville was home to one of Scipio's first enterprises, the tannery built in 1797 by Israel Busby and eventually run by Lemuel Allen. The Citizen of January 11, 1976 had a great article by our current County Historian, Sheila Tucker, that described the process of tanning in those days.
In the 1840's, Scipioville also had a carding mill, and a hotel. By the 1890's, the tannery had mostly burned down, but Scipioville had a wagon shop, blacksmith, harness shop, sawmill and 2 feed mills. Fred Hitchcock ran his upholstery business in Scipioville for awhile until relocating in Aurora, NY.

There were several more businesses, and I am going to try to find the article by Sheila by going to www.fultonhistory.com and searching "Scipioville."

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weedsport and Brutus Civil War men

I didn't copy all the Town Clerk books on veterans of the Civil War, but there were a few entries that caught my eye. Mostly, it was impressive that so many Clerks spent the time to be as accurate and thorough as possible. These are all available on microfilm from the NYS Archives, folks, as well as in their original paper form.
In the Town of Brutus book, I found a piece of paper tucked in the back. Here begins the information on that piece of paper:

Residents of Brutus but enlisted elsewhere:

George Marien Rhoades, Weedsport, Cayuga County
Born Mar 29th 1839, Cato, N. Y. , E. (enlisted) Aug 22, 1863, M. (mustered) Aug 30,1863, 3rd Art. Bat. C. Private, for 3 y. Enlisted at Syracuse N. Y. Coller W. (color white)
Single Man, parent’s names James F. Wethy Bennett farmer Discharged July 14, 1865
Still living P.O address Weedsport N. NY.

Augustus R. Jacobs Weedsport Cayuga County born May 28 1844 Camilus (?) N. Y.
E. Sept. 25th 1862 M. Oct. 22, 1862 151 Inf. Co H. Private, 3 y Enlisted at Lockport, N. Y. coller (color) White single man Parent’s names Clark D. Eliza Rude Occupation Shoe Maker In battle Gettysburg, Locu Grove, Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Coal Harbor, Petersburgh, Mono (-?-) Bridge, Winchester, Fisher’s Hill, Cedar Creek, Sailor’s Creek, and slightly wounded in two places. Still Living. P. O. address Weedsport N. Y. Discharged in June 1865.

Albert E. Jacobs, Weedsport Cayuga County born June 7, 1847 at Weedsport N. Y. E June 26, 1864 Private 3rd Artillery Bat. G 1 y. Enlisted at Jordan N. Y. collar (color) White Single parent’s names Clark D. Eliza Rude Occupation Shoe Maker Discharged May 28, 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport N. Y.

Obviously, Albert and Augustus were brothers - same parents, same occupation. Augustus sure saw a lot of action, some of these battles listed after his name were fierce.

Sherwood School Photo of 1923-34

We have spent some time on our local schools in this blog, as well as through displays at Scipio Town Hall. Several of our "Scipioites" have contributed photos of our one-room schools, and names of teachers and classmates. Other local municipal historians have also, as school days were something we all have in common. I will be taking down my school display soon and replacing it with a display of some photos of our early citizens.
The December 10, 2008 edition of the Genoa-King Ferry Tribune had a photo of Sherwood Select School 1923 - 1924. All the students are lined up alongside of the school, 37 folks in all.
We have tried to identify folks in this photo for several months, having a copy of the photo on display and had some luck, and another historian had quite a bit of luck so the article in the Tribune included the names of close to half of the students.

Here is a link to that same photo:

Spring Cleaning

My mother always said you knew Spring was almost here when the sun came into the house at a new and brighter angle so you could see all the dust bunnies hiding in the corners! Using that as a barometer, I'd say by looking around that Spring must be arriving this weekend.
Of course, we will be setting our clocks forward one hour tonight too. The dates to start and end daylight savings time have been uniform within the USA since 1966. Those uniform dates have been changed a few times, in attempts to be more energy conscious. Since 2007, we have had an additional 4 weeks of daylight savings time by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
Spring cleaning extended to this blog, and I have updated my profile to include an e-mail contact and other information. So if you want to ask a question or make a comment but prefer not to do it on the blog, you can contact me more directly.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ledyard's List of Civil War veterans

Here are T through Z.

Trim, Chestine
Tierney, Richard
Tru (?), John
Tierney, Thomas
Trim, Samuel
Thomas, James

No “U”

Vanderipe, John
Vigh, Joseph
Vreeland, Abram
Vogelie, Henry
VanMartin (s?), Abram
VanWagnor, Jacob
VanSchaick, William
Vanderipe, Jonathan

Wybert, Isaac
Winters, Samuel
Winters, Ithiel C.
Waight, Mervin
Winters, John S.
West, George
West, James
Weeks, Charles F.
Wilson, Thomas D.
Webster, George
Winters, Andrew L.
Winters, Elisha
Walker, Frances M.
Weeks, George M.
West, Eben F.
Weaver, West

No “X’ or “Y” or “Z”

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More of Ledyard's Boys in Blue

Here are Q through S.

Quackenbosh, Robert
Quackenbosh, Peter Jnr.
Quackenbosh, Peter Snr.

Rash, Charles
Reamer, Richard
Rumswell, George W.
Roe, Martin
Redman, James
Rapp, Elias
Reeves, Albert
Reynolds, Norman A.
Richardson, John
Runnell, George
Ray, John
Reynolds. Austin

Steele, John
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Harrison
Stewart, James
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Harry F.
Smith, Ansel B.
Smith, George N.
Smith, Horace W.
Smith, William N.
Strain, Joseph
Starks, Edward W.
Scollins, Michael
Smith, James
Smith, Polhemus
Smith, Charles
Simpson, Henry
Sullivan, Cornelius
Stewart, Thomas
Shepherd, John D.
Shepherd, Amasa
Salisbury, George
Snushall, Daniel
Smith, William E.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Civil War Veterans

Today, I continue listing the Ledyard Civil War Men, letters L to P.

Lockwood, Norman
Locke, Abram
Lathrop, Matthias
Lewsk (?), William
Linmans, Michael

Mattison, Winchester
McKellop, James
Moreland, Dier(?)
Myers, Rufus
Murray, Abram B.
Morgan, Rozalio
Mallony, Anthony
McDowell Johnson
Miller, John
Meagher, Daniel
McDonald, David
Muir (Mair?), John
Murway, William
Murphy, Edward
Mulladay, Peter
McGordon, Daniel
Madden, John
Marlatt, Hamilton J.
Marlatt, John G.
Minard, James J.
Morgan, John

Neil, Kit
Nye, Charles F.

O'Day, Patrick
Oakly, William
O'Neil, William

Peelo, Ned
Peckham, Job
Peckham, William
Peckham, George
Patchin, William H.
Palmer, Morton
Philip, William
Patterson, Robert
Parmenter, Spencer
Patchin, Elisha D.