Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sherwood School Photo of 1923-34

We have spent some time on our local schools in this blog, as well as through displays at Scipio Town Hall. Several of our "Scipioites" have contributed photos of our one-room schools, and names of teachers and classmates. Other local municipal historians have also, as school days were something we all have in common. I will be taking down my school display soon and replacing it with a display of some photos of our early citizens.
The December 10, 2008 edition of the Genoa-King Ferry Tribune had a photo of Sherwood Select School 1923 - 1924. All the students are lined up alongside of the school, 37 folks in all.
We have tried to identify folks in this photo for several months, having a copy of the photo on display and had some luck, and another historian had quite a bit of luck so the article in the Tribune included the names of close to half of the students.

Here is a link to that same photo:

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