Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weedsport and Brutus Civil War men

I didn't copy all the Town Clerk books on veterans of the Civil War, but there were a few entries that caught my eye. Mostly, it was impressive that so many Clerks spent the time to be as accurate and thorough as possible. These are all available on microfilm from the NYS Archives, folks, as well as in their original paper form.
In the Town of Brutus book, I found a piece of paper tucked in the back. Here begins the information on that piece of paper:

Residents of Brutus but enlisted elsewhere:

George Marien Rhoades, Weedsport, Cayuga County
Born Mar 29th 1839, Cato, N. Y. , E. (enlisted) Aug 22, 1863, M. (mustered) Aug 30,1863, 3rd Art. Bat. C. Private, for 3 y. Enlisted at Syracuse N. Y. Coller W. (color white)
Single Man, parent’s names James F. Wethy Bennett farmer Discharged July 14, 1865
Still living P.O address Weedsport N. NY.

Augustus R. Jacobs Weedsport Cayuga County born May 28 1844 Camilus (?) N. Y.
E. Sept. 25th 1862 M. Oct. 22, 1862 151 Inf. Co H. Private, 3 y Enlisted at Lockport, N. Y. coller (color) White single man Parent’s names Clark D. Eliza Rude Occupation Shoe Maker In battle Gettysburg, Locu Grove, Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Coal Harbor, Petersburgh, Mono (-?-) Bridge, Winchester, Fisher’s Hill, Cedar Creek, Sailor’s Creek, and slightly wounded in two places. Still Living. P. O. address Weedsport N. Y. Discharged in June 1865.

Albert E. Jacobs, Weedsport Cayuga County born June 7, 1847 at Weedsport N. Y. E June 26, 1864 Private 3rd Artillery Bat. G 1 y. Enlisted at Jordan N. Y. collar (color) White Single parent’s names Clark D. Eliza Rude Occupation Shoe Maker Discharged May 28, 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport N. Y.

Obviously, Albert and Augustus were brothers - same parents, same occupation. Augustus sure saw a lot of action, some of these battles listed after his name were fierce.

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