Monday, April 12, 2010

Final 1860 Assessments for Letters A through C

Here are the remaining 1860 assessment names for Scipio:

Conran, Jno
Culver, Ephraim
Close, Hiram
Clsoe, Erastus
Clsoe, Erastus
Culver, Ansel
Chidester, Clarry
Cornwell, Selah
Cowan, Jno
Cain, Francis
Comstock, Alonzo
Colling, Thomas
Clark, Harry
Chase, Jno F.
Cummins, Jno
Cowin, Allen
Cowin, Thomas
Cowin, Leonard
Curtis, Chester
Calvert, W. M.

Bostwick, J. M.
Batten, Henry
Baldwin, C. R.
Banks, Riley
Botsford, E. M.
Barnes, G. G.
Banks, Smith
Barnes, Elisha
Buckhout, P.H.
Buckhout, Edward
Burke, Thomas
Babcock, Jessie
Babcock, Riley
Boult, C & A
Barber, David
Briggs, Gilbert
Bishop, Joseph
Barnes, Elisha Pars(?)
Bishop, Augustus
Bower, Andrew
Butler, Merritt
Buckhout, Henry
Bancroft, W. F.
Barnet, Jehua (?)
Bennett, Isaac
Brenen, Luke
Bowers, Elezar
Brigden, Timothy

Allen, Lemuel
Allen, Lemuel
Akin, Iva
Akin, Isaac
Akin Jno M
Ames, Henry C.
Akin & Gildersleeve
Akin, Mariah
Andrews, Robt.
Ames, Dennis T
Ames, Chester W
Adriance, Geo
Alpin, Michel
Adams, Orwell
Adams, Jno D
Adriance, Jno
Adriance, Edward
Adams, Silas
Ames, Oren
Ames, Chester
Akin, James

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The 1860 Assessments In Scipio, Letters D to G

Continuing in my backwards alpha here are the 1860 assessments for Letters D to G:

Gifford, Gardner
Groom, Andrew
Graham, Jno
Golden, Henry
Gildersleeve, Jno
Gardner, William
Gould, D. W. C.
Grey, samuel
Gibbons, Minon
Gallup, Myme
Grey, Jno
Green, S. W.
Griswold, Asa

Fordyce, Seymour
Fordyce, Wheaton (?)
Fordyce, Jno
Fordyce, Jno
Freeman, Alvin
Fish, Mary
Fick, C. M.
Finch, Bethuel (?)
Flinn, Jas.
Fleming, Thomas
Flinn, Thomas
Farrall, Patrick
Fell, Moses
Fitch, Alva
Farrall, Thomas
Fordyce, Benjamin
Forbs, Jothan

Eddy, oliver
Eddy, Owen
Eddy, David
Eddy, David
Eddy, David
Elliott, William
Elliott, William
Edwards, Jas.
Eggleston,E. J.

Daniells, Huron
Daniells, William
Daniells, Hiram
Daniells, Hiram & Huron
Dickinson,Wisel (?)
Dakin, Jno & Samuel
Durkel, Auguston

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Assessments in 1860, Letters H to L

Here are more of Scipio's assessed property owners:

Lull, Joseph
Loveland, Alfred
Loveland, Hinman
Lyon, Alfred
Lacy, Enoch
Lum, Melissa
Leach, Dewitt C
Leason, Joseph

Kent, Geo. R.
Kuntz, Conrad
Kerr, M. B.
King, Anza
King, E. B.
King, Alanson
King, Ezra
King, Adaline
Know, R. J.
Knox, Manassah
Knox, Jno
Kinny, Paul
Koon, Jno

Johnson, Abigal
Johnson, Moses
Jones, Ambrose
Jones, Ambrose
Jump, Theadore

Ide, Nathan
Ingraham, Elizabeth

Hudson, Richard
Hudson, R. V. (or N - sg) in Trust
Hare, Triphena
Hudson, Julia A.
Hathaway, Royal
Hill, Joshua
Hoxie, Allen
Hoxie, Eleanor
Hoxie, Hannah
Hill, Hiram
Howetran, (?)
Hoxie, Zebulon
Hoxie, William
Hurd, Phinehas
Hurd, Phinehas
Hurd, Phinehas
Hudson, William
Holley, David
Howland, William
Howland, Slocum
Howland, Slocum
Husted, James
Hazlit, William I.
Heffernon, Thomas
Helm, Elizabeth
Hill, Erastus
Howland, Sally
Howell, Isaac
Hoxie, Allosa
Harington, Joshua
Harris, Philip
Howell, Elliott
Hunter, Levi
Hall, Spencer
Hale, Ebenezer
Hle, Thomas
Hunter, Oscar
Haskell, Daniel
Howland, David
Hale, Lushuz (?)
Hae, T. J.
Hunter, Daniel
Hunter, Daryl
Hathaway, Ann
Hall, Henry
Hoskins, Chas.
Hunt, Hanah M.
Hunter, Salman
Hamilton, Seth
Hasbrook, Pheba A.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 1860 Assessments, Letters M to R

I am hearing from many of you who are finding relatives in Scipio's 1860 assessment records. I am pleased that so many females are property owners, as that is a difficult group to find published records for. Let's continue our list:

Roach, Patrick
Rathbun, Geo
Rumsey, Reuben
Reynolds, Caleb
Robinson, William
Rumsey, Daniel J.
Rumsey, Daniel
Robinson, William Sr
Russell, Samuel
Rumsey, David
Richardson, Martin
Reynolds, William
Reynolds, Alanson
Reed, Jno. J.
Reynolds, Abijah
Race, Andrew
Robinson, Wm.

Pickens, Geo
Poppino, Amanda
Post, Abram
Pickins, Jno
Post, Jacob
Phelps, Austin
Pearsall, Morgan
Pettitt, Silas
Philips, Herman
Pearl, Denison R
Peckham, Jno C
Parker, Nelson
Parker, Perry H
Pettitt, Joseph
Peas, Allen
Post, Geo I. (Executor)

Olney, Elluna (?)
Otis, Jos. D.
Otis, Samuel
Owens, Geo M.
O'Hara, Hiram
O'Hara, Hiram
O'Hara, George
O'Hara, Henry Jr
O'Hara, Jno
O'Hara, Henry
O'Hara, Henry in Trust
O'Hara, Andrew
O'Hara, Jno B
O'Hara, Enos
Olney, Judson
Olney, Rachel

Nichols, Daniel
Newman, Wilson

Manchester, Daniel
Mott, James
Marsh, Geo I
Macomber, Zebedia
Macomber, Pheba
Murray, Edward
Mone, Polly
Manchester, Caleb
Mancheser, William
Merrill, Noyes
Merryfield, Wm.
Macomber, Arch
Merrit, George
Merrit, Andrew
Mastin, Leoenyne (sic?)
Myrns (?), Benjamin
Merrifield, Samuel & Syman
Myers, Jno
Macomber, Herman
Mony, Gideon
Morgan, Jacob
Morgan, Harvy
Mulvaney, Christopher
Martin, David

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Broadband Comes to Town

I am actually feeling giddy, I never knew that was anything but an expression until now - I at long last have a high speed connection to the Internet!
Scipio does not have access to any of the advertised high speed connections except satellite, which is a bit rich for ordinary folks and that includes me. I use my computer a lot, though, and wish I had a nickel for every time I have clicked on download and gone to make a sandwich or otherwise find something to do so I don't give myself a concussion from banging my head against my monitor.
I have just begun trying out the Cricket 3G broadband modem and folks, I think we have a winner! It greatly outperforms my trusty dial up service so I believe that I will be keeping it.
I'll try not to let it go to my head. I have always found it annoying when websites are rich in content but I can't view it, and I don't want to have that happen here. In my opinion, Internet access should be similar for everyone, even if the cost varies a bit. A heady feeling, indeed.