Monday, April 12, 2010

Final 1860 Assessments for Letters A through C

Here are the remaining 1860 assessment names for Scipio:

Conran, Jno
Culver, Ephraim
Close, Hiram
Clsoe, Erastus
Clsoe, Erastus
Culver, Ansel
Chidester, Clarry
Cornwell, Selah
Cowan, Jno
Cain, Francis
Comstock, Alonzo
Colling, Thomas
Clark, Harry
Chase, Jno F.
Cummins, Jno
Cowin, Allen
Cowin, Thomas
Cowin, Leonard
Curtis, Chester
Calvert, W. M.

Bostwick, J. M.
Batten, Henry
Baldwin, C. R.
Banks, Riley
Botsford, E. M.
Barnes, G. G.
Banks, Smith
Barnes, Elisha
Buckhout, P.H.
Buckhout, Edward
Burke, Thomas
Babcock, Jessie
Babcock, Riley
Boult, C & A
Barber, David
Briggs, Gilbert
Bishop, Joseph
Barnes, Elisha Pars(?)
Bishop, Augustus
Bower, Andrew
Butler, Merritt
Buckhout, Henry
Bancroft, W. F.
Barnet, Jehua (?)
Bennett, Isaac
Brenen, Luke
Bowers, Elezar
Brigden, Timothy

Allen, Lemuel
Allen, Lemuel
Akin, Iva
Akin, Isaac
Akin Jno M
Ames, Henry C.
Akin & Gildersleeve
Akin, Mariah
Andrews, Robt.
Ames, Dennis T
Ames, Chester W
Adriance, Geo
Alpin, Michel
Adams, Orwell
Adams, Jno D
Adriance, Jno
Adriance, Edward
Adams, Silas
Ames, Oren
Ames, Chester
Akin, James


Roger A. Post said...
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Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, it may be safe to say that "Clsoe, Erastus" probably was Erastus Close (ca. 1813-1894), who is planted in Scipio Rural Cemetery. His wife was C. Matilda Tallman (1801-1887). I have never investigated how he was related to the many Close family members who lived in Scipio.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I believe you are correct, Roger. I see I had my typing fingers mixed up and spelled that name as "Clsoe" instead of Close, which is how it appears in the assessment book.