Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 1860 Assessments, Letters M to R

I am hearing from many of you who are finding relatives in Scipio's 1860 assessment records. I am pleased that so many females are property owners, as that is a difficult group to find published records for. Let's continue our list:

Roach, Patrick
Rathbun, Geo
Rumsey, Reuben
Reynolds, Caleb
Robinson, William
Rumsey, Daniel J.
Rumsey, Daniel
Robinson, William Sr
Russell, Samuel
Rumsey, David
Richardson, Martin
Reynolds, William
Reynolds, Alanson
Reed, Jno. J.
Reynolds, Abijah
Race, Andrew
Robinson, Wm.

Pickens, Geo
Poppino, Amanda
Post, Abram
Pickins, Jno
Post, Jacob
Phelps, Austin
Pearsall, Morgan
Pettitt, Silas
Philips, Herman
Pearl, Denison R
Peckham, Jno C
Parker, Nelson
Parker, Perry H
Pettitt, Joseph
Peas, Allen
Post, Geo I. (Executor)

Olney, Elluna (?)
Otis, Jos. D.
Otis, Samuel
Owens, Geo M.
O'Hara, Hiram
O'Hara, Hiram
O'Hara, George
O'Hara, Henry Jr
O'Hara, Jno
O'Hara, Henry
O'Hara, Henry in Trust
O'Hara, Andrew
O'Hara, Jno B
O'Hara, Enos
Olney, Judson
Olney, Rachel

Nichols, Daniel
Newman, Wilson

Manchester, Daniel
Mott, James
Marsh, Geo I
Macomber, Zebedia
Macomber, Pheba
Murray, Edward
Mone, Polly
Manchester, Caleb
Mancheser, William
Merrill, Noyes
Merryfield, Wm.
Macomber, Arch
Merrit, George
Merrit, Andrew
Mastin, Leoenyne (sic?)
Myrns (?), Benjamin
Merrifield, Samuel & Syman
Myers, Jno
Macomber, Herman
Mony, Gideon
Morgan, Jacob
Morgan, Harvy
Mulvaney, Christopher
Martin, David

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