Sunday, April 4, 2010

Broadband Comes to Town

I am actually feeling giddy, I never knew that was anything but an expression until now - I at long last have a high speed connection to the Internet!
Scipio does not have access to any of the advertised high speed connections except satellite, which is a bit rich for ordinary folks and that includes me. I use my computer a lot, though, and wish I had a nickel for every time I have clicked on download and gone to make a sandwich or otherwise find something to do so I don't give myself a concussion from banging my head against my monitor.
I have just begun trying out the Cricket 3G broadband modem and folks, I think we have a winner! It greatly outperforms my trusty dial up service so I believe that I will be keeping it.
I'll try not to let it go to my head. I have always found it annoying when websites are rich in content but I can't view it, and I don't want to have that happen here. In my opinion, Internet access should be similar for everyone, even if the cost varies a bit. A heady feeling, indeed.

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Stacey, Julie & Jenna said...

That is Great News !! I can't even imagine trying to depend on dial-up. The 3G signal will likely be a nice improvement. I appreciate the blog...having grown-up in Scipio and now living on the west coast it is nice to see some the latest happenings.