Saturday, February 23, 2008

Census for 1800 in Scipio

As long as I am already online, I will post the next (sixth) page of the 1800 Federal census. This page was fairly easy to read, but as usual I say: between me and the census taker, any of these names may be spelled incorrectly. Let me know if you find your great-grandfather!

Benoni Norris
Timothy Hitchcock
Jeremiah Meritheu
Joseph Edie
John Kinney
Thomas Skinner
Richard Blanchier
Hosial(?) Harrington
John Woodward
Jeremiah Harrington
William Bevins
Jacob Bevins
Joseph Moseir (sic)
Adijah Wilcox
Stephen Wilcox
Jeremiah Olmstead
Baxter How
Darius How
Charles Babcock
John Watson
Samuel Hoskins
Aaron Watson
Jonathan Henry
George Spangler
Henry Spangler

Census of 1800 for Scipio and Slaves

A lot of names are the same in Scipio in 2008 as the names in the 1800 census. I imagine probably one-third of the names still are in the telephone book, or have ancestors in the area.
And while I have only been posting here the names from this census, it also gathered basic demographic information on our town.
To see exactly what information was gathered on this Census, use the link below to and look at their blank of the form.
There are age groupings for free white males, and the same for free white females. There is also a space for all other free persons (I'm not quite sure what would belong in that category, possibly serving class) and a space for slaves.
For example, on page two of the census below, the household of Osborne Parson consisted of 2 free white males between the ages of 26 - 44; two free white females between the ages of 16 - 25, and two slaves.
It is possible from this information to infer that perhaps this was a family of two young couples, not yet having any children and having a decent income. Scipio was settled beginning in 1794, so perhaps Osborne and his other family members came here to what would have been the frontier to seek their fortune!
Some of the slaveholder names in this census are the same names found in the Scipio Slave Ledger. This has been transcribed and scanned, and is available for viewing at the Cayuga County Historian's website (the link is posted below).

Federal Census 1800 for Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

As I continue to transcribe the 1800 census records, I have another page ready to post here. One of our blog readers has promised some details about a few names on this page, notably the SMITH, DOTY and FILKINS names. So if any of those are yours, stay tuned!

It is nice that I am beginning to hear from folks who are searching for their ancestors, hoping to find them in our pages. I spent some time this morning at the Scipio History Corner, looking through our Town Meeting notes and tracing the WATKINS surname. The notes began in 1794; 214 years ago when the road from Sherwood to Aurora was little more than a pathway in the dirt.

I think when I complete the 1800 census transcription, I'll start to put some of the more interesting facts and some names from the Town Meetings on here. What do you think?

Here are the names from the 5th page of the Scipio census for 1800:

Jehiel Parks
Isaac Doty
John Armstrong
William White
Frederick Gehart
Lewis Lewellan
George Gehart
Eload (?) Spencer
Abraham VanDuzer
John Filkins
Abraham Filkins
John Smith
John Tobias
John Smith Junr.
Jacob Smith
John Flinn
James Richardson
James Burns
Reuben Doty
Elisha Doty
Joel St. John
Asa Castle
Heartman Morrell
Michael (sic) Muraan
James Hallstead
John Davis

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Federal Census for Scipio in 1800

I will be adding the names from a fourth page of the 1800 census for the Town of Scipio, Cayuga County, below. Often, the census taker went door-to-door so the names on a page are usually those of neighbors. And many times, those neighbors were or became relatives.
This page has 2 households of Filkins, 3 Smiths and 2 Dotys. If any of these are your ancestors, maybe you know if they were related and if so how. Make a comment to the Blog and let us know!

Here are those names, please note my question marks where the record was difficult to read:

Simeon Parks
Truman Downs
Daniel Bageley
John Parks
Seth Carpenter
Reuben Downs
James (?) Vancliff
J’than H(?)oughton
Samuel Seward
Ephriam Hewett
Benjamin Parks
Joseph Lord
Judson Booth
(?)berst Ferman
(?)ra Spencer
Ebenezar Allen
(?)bed Andrews
(?) White(?)
John Putnam
Luther Brown
John Hubbell
John Parks
Joel Parks
Shedrick Hubbell
Ebenezar Herrington

Monday, February 11, 2008

Scipio Genealogies

We have some remarkably generous people in Scipio. They have donated copies of family genealogies so we can make them available to family members who are looking for information or just beginning their search.
We have some that are so extensive, we have them in a folder in our Historian's file cabinet. Others are just a few pages and are currently in a 3-ring binder in the History Corner.
Here are the names we currently have a genealogy for:

Surname Assoc. Name
Durkee Gore
Hudson Smith
King, Richard
Pearl, Dr. Dennison
Stoker, Wesley
Tracy, Calvin
Wyant Myers

So if you see any here that you are interested in, or can add to, please stop by the Town Hall and check it out.

Maybe you would like to contribute one yourself. If you can post a comment, I will contact you and you can share an electronic copy that I can print and place in our History Corner.

Here's hoping I hear from you soon!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Federal Census for 1800 Scipio

I am posting here the third page of the 1800 Federal Census for the Town of Scipio, in the County of Cayuga, State of NY.
It is a challenge to read these names, with the differences in handwriting over 208 years, as well as the unfamiliar names popular at the time. And of course, the spellings depend on what the census taker believed was accurate.
One name found on this page is almost certainly a variant on the DURKEE name. The Durkee family was active in Scipio government in the earlier years. The name of Wilkes Durkee (as well as other Durkee family members) is found in the Town Meeting books from 1799 and on, so we know they lived in Scipio at the time of the 1800 census.
On this third page, the name Wilks DURGIE is almost certainly referring to Wilkes Durkee.
Here's the list:

Joshua Patrick
Benjamin Patrick
Joseph Barnett
Timothy Wheeler
Robert Parks
Miriam Phelps
Benjamin Cole
Josiah Phelps
Siniri (?) Phelps
Isaac Wardell
Leonard Adams
Jonah Barlow
Henry Stringham
Andrea Durgie
Wilks Durgie
Victory L. Fowler
Scott Fowler
Elisha Hunter
Joseph Seeley
Theophilus Allen
Hollibert Wilcox
Russekey (?) Lyon
Tobey Green
William Barber
Reuben Stephens
Jonathan Hastings

Federal Census for Scipio 1800

I have another page transcribed to add here for the 1800 census. It will be interesting to continue this little project. Have you found any of your relatives yet?
Here are the names as I see them from the second page:

Daniel Shepherd
Cornelius M. Vanderhoof
Joseph L. Richardson
Henry Long
Daniel Richardson
Joseph Laurie (Laudie?)
Nathaniel Crop
George Briclay
Catharine Lake
Osborne Parson
Erastus Spalding
Aaron Burden
Nehemiah Spalding
Edward Richardson
John Richardson
Joseph Richardson
Joseph Cole
William Patrick
Thomas Lucky
Henry Kerr
Sheldon Judd
Joel Scott
Henry G. Deshaamp
Roger Delanoe
Samuel Falconbergh
Robert Dunlap