Sunday, February 17, 2008

Federal Census for Scipio in 1800

I will be adding the names from a fourth page of the 1800 census for the Town of Scipio, Cayuga County, below. Often, the census taker went door-to-door so the names on a page are usually those of neighbors. And many times, those neighbors were or became relatives.
This page has 2 households of Filkins, 3 Smiths and 2 Dotys. If any of these are your ancestors, maybe you know if they were related and if so how. Make a comment to the Blog and let us know!

Here are those names, please note my question marks where the record was difficult to read:

Simeon Parks
Truman Downs
Daniel Bageley
John Parks
Seth Carpenter
Reuben Downs
James (?) Vancliff
J’than H(?)oughton
Samuel Seward
Ephriam Hewett
Benjamin Parks
Joseph Lord
Judson Booth
(?)berst Ferman
(?)ra Spencer
Ebenezar Allen
(?)bed Andrews
(?) White(?)
John Putnam
Luther Brown
John Hubbell
John Parks
Joel Parks
Shedrick Hubbell
Ebenezar Herrington


Roger A. Post said...

Hi, Sandie. I think the Filkins, Smith, and Doty families appear on page 5 of the Scipio census, which you have not yet listed here. In anticipation of you listing them, I can provide a couple of poorly documented clues on the Doty families.

Isaac Doty (b. 29 March 1738/1739 in MA or CT and d. ca. 1814 at Scipio) m. (1) Lucy Davis 9 April 1761 at Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY and m. (2) \Anna Parke (Parks)\ (b. 25 December 1747 at Sharon, Litchfield Co., CT and d. 1817) before 1774.

I have two children for Isaac and Anna \Parke (Parks)\ Doty:

I. Reuben Doty (b. 7 May 1774 at Northumberland, Saratoga Co., NY and d. 5 July 1840, probably at Fleming, Cayuga Co., NY) m. (1) Clovenda __?__ before 1800 and m. (2) Gertrude \Witbeck (Whitbeck)\ before 1814. Reuben and Gertrude resided in Fleming by 1814.

II. Elisha Doty (b. after 1774, d. ?)

I have not verified much of the preceding info so a grain of salt is called for.

It appears that about six Parks families appear on pages 4 and 5 of the census. It is likely that Anna \Parke (Parks)\ Doty is related to some or all of them.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Great to have you share this, Roger! So, how is it you are connected to these folks?

Roger A. Post said...

One of Reuben Doty's daughters, Annis Doty, married George B. Post, my second great-granduncle. George B. Post is also third great-grandfather to your cousins' cousin, Jim Minde, just for grins. Of course, these folks were over the border in Fleming.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

It was a very small world in 1800 Cayuga County!

sean said...

Just found this excellent post that corresponds with my very narrow family history search. I am trying to find out if Simeon Parks of Scipio had a son named Reuben (b.abt 1798)? We don't know who Reuben's father was, but Simeon is a name that has come up occasionally. Could your Simeon be the one?
Sean Welch
Madison, WI