Saturday, February 2, 2008

Federal Census for Scipio 1800

I have another page transcribed to add here for the 1800 census. It will be interesting to continue this little project. Have you found any of your relatives yet?
Here are the names as I see them from the second page:

Daniel Shepherd
Cornelius M. Vanderhoof
Joseph L. Richardson
Henry Long
Daniel Richardson
Joseph Laurie (Laudie?)
Nathaniel Crop
George Briclay
Catharine Lake
Osborne Parson
Erastus Spalding
Aaron Burden
Nehemiah Spalding
Edward Richardson
John Richardson
Joseph Richardson
Joseph Cole
William Patrick
Thomas Lucky
Henry Kerr
Sheldon Judd
Joel Scott
Henry G. Deshaamp
Roger Delanoe
Samuel Falconbergh
Robert Dunlap

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