Saturday, February 23, 2008

Census of 1800 for Scipio and Slaves

A lot of names are the same in Scipio in 2008 as the names in the 1800 census. I imagine probably one-third of the names still are in the telephone book, or have ancestors in the area.
And while I have only been posting here the names from this census, it also gathered basic demographic information on our town.
To see exactly what information was gathered on this Census, use the link below to and look at their blank of the form.
There are age groupings for free white males, and the same for free white females. There is also a space for all other free persons (I'm not quite sure what would belong in that category, possibly serving class) and a space for slaves.
For example, on page two of the census below, the household of Osborne Parson consisted of 2 free white males between the ages of 26 - 44; two free white females between the ages of 16 - 25, and two slaves.
It is possible from this information to infer that perhaps this was a family of two young couples, not yet having any children and having a decent income. Scipio was settled beginning in 1794, so perhaps Osborne and his other family members came here to what would have been the frontier to seek their fortune!
Some of the slaveholder names in this census are the same names found in the Scipio Slave Ledger. This has been transcribed and scanned, and is available for viewing at the Cayuga County Historian's website (the link is posted below).

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