Friday, January 7, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming 1860's Marriages

The last marriage I wrote about occurred in 1854, performed by S. R. Brown. The next record of marriages in this transcription are those performed by Rev. John Garretson in the 1860's.

There are two marriages for 1861.
September 18th, John Graham of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY married Phebe A. Hasbrook of Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY.
March 1861 brings the marriage of J. Beekman Rawles, a Lieut. in the United States Army, to Phoebe A. Garretson of Owasco, Cayuga Co., NY. Perhaps he was in the military prior to the Civil War, which began in April of 1861.

1862 brings three recorded marriages.
June 28, 1862 is the marriage date for Wm. Alexander Stone of Peterboro, Madison Co., NY to Rose Marie Dickey of Smithfield, also in Madison Co., NY.
August 24, 1862 is the marriage of Daniel Miller of Owasco, Cayuga Co., NY to Elsie Cole of Port Byron, Cayuga Co., NY.
December 3rd, David B. Post of Fleming married Sarah Parsell of Aurelius, NY.

The next few transcriptions appear to be out of order. First there is August 28, 1863 and the marriage of George W. Miller of Scipio, NY, to Celia Stocker, also of Scipio. The next entry is for 1862, and is in January; this is the marriage of Nathan V. Whitlock of Portland, Iona Co., Mich to Mary A. Harris of Great Harrington, Mass.

The next entry is for 1863 again, and for December 24th. It is the marriage of Cornelius Hornbeck of Owasco and Caty State (first letter of her name is difficult to read)of Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY.

These are all the transcripts I have available. I hope you are able to find an ancestral gem!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming 1850's Marriages

Today, I continue to record marriages performed by A. B. Winfield at the Dutch Reformed Church at the Owasco Outlet in Fleming, NY. I'm sure our Cayuga County Historian, Sheila Tucker, could give us a lot of information to supplement what I am writing. She has been Town of Fleming Historian over 25 years! There are 3 marriages recorded in 1850.
On January 24th, John Wheaton married Emily Sperry, both of Fleming.
On February 19th, John L. Wilson married Augusta Thompson, both of Owasco.
December 3rd of 1850 brought the marriage of David Reeles (or Keeles) to Lydia Close of Scipio.

There are no marriages recorded again until 1854, which brings the Record of Marriages by S. R. Brown.
Sometime in June of 1854, Baxter Colvin of Cato married Miss Mary A. Knox of Scipio.
November 22, 1854, Thomas C. Cortwright married Miss Cornelia E. DeVoe, both of Owasco.
November 29th brings the marriage of Edwin Culley of Fleming to Mrs. Elizabeth Luggett. I wonder if Elizabeth had been married previously? She was recorded as "Mrs." while the others have all been noted as "Miss."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming 1849 Marriages

My last "blogification" took us through 1848. So today, I will start with the recorded marriages from 1849.
First marriage of January 18th was between DeWitt C. Maycumber and Caroline Anthony, both of Ledyard, NY. Ledyard was once a part of Scipio, formed off in 1833 as our neighbor to the west.
On March 26th, 1849, Cor. Simonson of Griggstown, NJ married Mary C. Van Middlesworth of Sand Beach. I wonder if the Helen Van Middlesworth that married John Polhamus of Harlingen NJ in 1847 were sisters? How did they meet these men from New Jersey in a time when travelling such a distance would have been limited?
July 29th brings the marriage of Geo. Quick of Fleming to Mary Jane Van Nest. August 16th, 1849, Henry V. Quick married Ellen Van Middlesworth, both of Owasco. I will need to check with the Owasco Historian, Laurel Auchampaugh, to find out when Sand Beach became absorbed into Owasco.
On October 20th, Peter W. Williamson of Owasco married Catharine Cornell of Fleming.
November 1st, James H. Brinkerhoff married Gertrude Amerman, both of Niles, NY. November 15th, Ninian Chamberlain married Sarah Swartwout, both of Owasco. Ninian was also a resident of Scipio and we have a family file for him, but it was lacking his marriage information.
The last marriage of 1849 took place on December 1st between Darius Greenfield and Amarilla Stoner, both of Owasco.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming, NY

In 2010, I published a partial list of marriages of Scipio and Fleming folks that I found in a transcription from the Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming records. Fleming is our next door neighbor, and many of the other names are familiar so I had decided that I would publish them as well.
My last publication took us through April 11th of 1847. There was one more marriage recorded that year; thee December 2nd marriage of John H. Polhamus of Harlingen, NJ to Helen Van Middlesworth of Sand Beach. You may recall that Sand Beach was the name of the hamlet near today's traffic circle by Emerson Park, and was the name for several years of the Dutch Reformed Church located there. Harlingen is in Montgomery County, NJ and there is a Harlingen Reformed Church there still worshipping today.

Now we have arrived at 1848. The first marriage recorded is between William De Groff of Fleming and Helen Holmes of Scipio. November 8th, Charles Burlew of Springport married Phebe Wyckoff of Fleming, NY. On December 25th, 1848, Isaac D. Guyer of N. Y. (so I believe of New York City) married Miss Anna C. Clarkson of Brooklyn. It would be interesting to know what the tie to central NY was for this young couple to travel here to get married.