Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming 1850's Marriages

Today, I continue to record marriages performed by A. B. Winfield at the Dutch Reformed Church at the Owasco Outlet in Fleming, NY. I'm sure our Cayuga County Historian, Sheila Tucker, could give us a lot of information to supplement what I am writing. She has been Town of Fleming Historian over 25 years! There are 3 marriages recorded in 1850.
On January 24th, John Wheaton married Emily Sperry, both of Fleming.
On February 19th, John L. Wilson married Augusta Thompson, both of Owasco.
December 3rd of 1850 brought the marriage of David Reeles (or Keeles) to Lydia Close of Scipio.

There are no marriages recorded again until 1854, which brings the Record of Marriages by S. R. Brown.
Sometime in June of 1854, Baxter Colvin of Cato married Miss Mary A. Knox of Scipio.
November 22, 1854, Thomas C. Cortwright married Miss Cornelia E. DeVoe, both of Owasco.
November 29th brings the marriage of Edwin Culley of Fleming to Mrs. Elizabeth Luggett. I wonder if Elizabeth had been married previously? She was recorded as "Mrs." while the others have all been noted as "Miss."

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