Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming, NY

In 2010, I published a partial list of marriages of Scipio and Fleming folks that I found in a transcription from the Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming records. Fleming is our next door neighbor, and many of the other names are familiar so I had decided that I would publish them as well.
My last publication took us through April 11th of 1847. There was one more marriage recorded that year; thee December 2nd marriage of John H. Polhamus of Harlingen, NJ to Helen Van Middlesworth of Sand Beach. You may recall that Sand Beach was the name of the hamlet near today's traffic circle by Emerson Park, and was the name for several years of the Dutch Reformed Church located there. Harlingen is in Montgomery County, NJ and there is a Harlingen Reformed Church there still worshipping today.

Now we have arrived at 1848. The first marriage recorded is between William De Groff of Fleming and Helen Holmes of Scipio. November 8th, Charles Burlew of Springport married Phebe Wyckoff of Fleming, NY. On December 25th, 1848, Isaac D. Guyer of N. Y. (so I believe of New York City) married Miss Anna C. Clarkson of Brooklyn. It would be interesting to know what the tie to central NY was for this young couple to travel here to get married.


Roger A. Post said...

Hi, Sandie. The marriage of Charles Burlew and Phebe Wyckoff produced, among other children, Henry Lewis Burlew, father of Eula Adele, Henry W., Hollis, and Hugo Victor Burlew. The Henry Lewis Burlew family lived in the cobblestone house near Wyckoff Station (aka Owasco Lake Station) at the junction of West Lake Road (Route 38) and Wyckoff Road, just over the Scipio line in the Town of Fleming. As you know, the Burlew children went to school at the corner of Wyckoff and Skillet roads in Scipio with our respective fathers. Hugo Burlew, at least, played an important role in some of the humorous stories my father used to tell of "Bangall" School, perhaps including the one about exploding .22 shells in the big stove. Unfortunately, I can not remember who my father said the actual perpetrators were.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I bet your father never told you exactly who the perpetrators were; there are a few stories I've also heard of the shenanigans of those Wyckoff Road boys, and they were pretty good at not pointing the finger at anyone!

Michele said...

Gee, these stories morph over time. I don't recall my father (Hugo) telling a story about shells in the school stove. I do vaguely remember him telling the story of being spanked by my grandmother (Catherine) when the back pockets of his trousers were full of firecrackers!

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Hugo Burlew and Ed Stoker grew up on Wyckoff Road and remained in this area all their lives, and were good friends. Through the years, they shared in many mischievous deeds, and no doubt deserved a spanking now and then!

djeterfan_1 said...

Hi I am doing some research on Eula Burlew ..My father in law owns an auction business and with it has come many post cards and letters and i came across a letter tonight to Eula, from "cousin May", from 1915 and the address said Auburn, NY. I work in Auburn so I thought it would be neat to look up some history.
Anyway the letter mentions Mays son Bradford, and aunt Adelaide.
if I come across more I will post.. i find the history in these items very interesting.