Monday, January 3, 2011

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming 1849 Marriages

My last "blogification" took us through 1848. So today, I will start with the recorded marriages from 1849.
First marriage of January 18th was between DeWitt C. Maycumber and Caroline Anthony, both of Ledyard, NY. Ledyard was once a part of Scipio, formed off in 1833 as our neighbor to the west.
On March 26th, 1849, Cor. Simonson of Griggstown, NJ married Mary C. Van Middlesworth of Sand Beach. I wonder if the Helen Van Middlesworth that married John Polhamus of Harlingen NJ in 1847 were sisters? How did they meet these men from New Jersey in a time when travelling such a distance would have been limited?
July 29th brings the marriage of Geo. Quick of Fleming to Mary Jane Van Nest. August 16th, 1849, Henry V. Quick married Ellen Van Middlesworth, both of Owasco. I will need to check with the Owasco Historian, Laurel Auchampaugh, to find out when Sand Beach became absorbed into Owasco.
On October 20th, Peter W. Williamson of Owasco married Catharine Cornell of Fleming.
November 1st, James H. Brinkerhoff married Gertrude Amerman, both of Niles, NY. November 15th, Ninian Chamberlain married Sarah Swartwout, both of Owasco. Ninian was also a resident of Scipio and we have a family file for him, but it was lacking his marriage information.
The last marriage of 1849 took place on December 1st between Darius Greenfield and Amarilla Stoner, both of Owasco.


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is a bit more on the names of Ninian Chamberlain and Sarah Swartwout that might help persons researching the Chamberlain and Swartwout families.

Ninian was also known as Jeremiah N. Chamberlain. Most census data list him as Jeremiah N., as well. His cemetery listing, however, calls him Ninian J. Chamberlain so research under both names is advisable.

Likewise, Sarah Swartwout was also known as Sally Swartwout. She appears as Sally in census data and in several other references, including her cemetery listing.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Roger, that is the first I heard of Ninian being known as Jeremiah. He has been difficult to research, and perhaps that's why! Thanks for sharing this information.