Saturday, April 10, 2010

The 1860 Assessments In Scipio, Letters D to G

Continuing in my backwards alpha here are the 1860 assessments for Letters D to G:

Gifford, Gardner
Groom, Andrew
Graham, Jno
Golden, Henry
Gildersleeve, Jno
Gardner, William
Gould, D. W. C.
Grey, samuel
Gibbons, Minon
Gallup, Myme
Grey, Jno
Green, S. W.
Griswold, Asa

Fordyce, Seymour
Fordyce, Wheaton (?)
Fordyce, Jno
Fordyce, Jno
Freeman, Alvin
Fish, Mary
Fick, C. M.
Finch, Bethuel (?)
Flinn, Jas.
Fleming, Thomas
Flinn, Thomas
Farrall, Patrick
Fell, Moses
Fitch, Alva
Farrall, Thomas
Fordyce, Benjamin
Forbs, Jothan

Eddy, oliver
Eddy, Owen
Eddy, David
Eddy, David
Eddy, David
Elliott, William
Elliott, William
Edwards, Jas.
Eggleston,E. J.

Daniells, Huron
Daniells, William
Daniells, Hiram
Daniells, Hiram & Huron
Dickinson,Wisel (?)
Dakin, Jno & Samuel
Durkel, Auguston


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, I believe "Fordyce, Wheaton" is correct. He was a son of Benjamin Fordyce and Alpha Clark. His full name was Wheaton Clark Fordyce (1831-1911). He married Marie Louise Alexander (1833-1901), and they had a son, John Benjamin Fordyce.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Thanks for your help, Roger. As you well know, some of the old hand writing can be difficult to interpret.