Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Civil War Veterans

Today, I continue listing the Ledyard Civil War Men, letters L to P.

Lockwood, Norman
Locke, Abram
Lathrop, Matthias
Lewsk (?), William
Linmans, Michael

Mattison, Winchester
McKellop, James
Moreland, Dier(?)
Myers, Rufus
Murray, Abram B.
Morgan, Rozalio
Mallony, Anthony
McDowell Johnson
Miller, John
Meagher, Daniel
McDonald, David
Muir (Mair?), John
Murway, William
Murphy, Edward
Mulladay, Peter
McGordon, Daniel
Madden, John
Marlatt, Hamilton J.
Marlatt, John G.
Minard, James J.
Morgan, John

Neil, Kit
Nye, Charles F.

O'Day, Patrick
Oakly, William
O'Neil, William

Peelo, Ned
Peckham, Job
Peckham, William
Peckham, George
Patchin, William H.
Palmer, Morton
Philip, William
Patterson, Robert
Parmenter, Spencer
Patchin, Elisha D.


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, the sketchy info that I have on Morton Palmer shows him born ca. 1842, son of Amasa (or Amaza) Palmer and Eliza Lester. He appears to have married Ellen A. Carpenter, daughter of Isaac Carpenter. Morton and Ellen Palmer and their daughter, Clara A. Palmer, appear in the 1880 census for Ledyard.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

That is more information than I had, Roger. I am thinking that he is a shirttail relative to the Peckhams, through Daniel Peckham's first wife Eliza Lapham.I will need to check through my records, but the Palmer name seems to ring a bell.

Roger A. Post said...
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Roger A. Post said...
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Roger A. Post said...

Morton M. Palmer is a brother of Dorlisca Adele Palmer, who as you know, was wife of Charles H. Peckham. Here is another interesting thing that I just noticed: Emeline Amelia Palmer, sister of Morton M. and Dorlisca Adele, was wife of Benjamin Gould, the injured Civil War veteran from Scipio discussed in previous posts to this blog.