Sunday, March 8, 2009

Town of Brutus and Civil War

My last post started the list of information found on a yellowed sheet of paper, tucked in the Town Clerk book for Brutus. Here are the remaining entries on that paper. If the information is accurate, it means that Ausmun Titus was only 11 years old when he enlisted! Many young lads were caught up in the fervor of the times, and served maybe perhaps not directly in battle but in other ways shared the burden of the men:

William Goodwin Faatz, Brutus Cayuga County Born May 23, 1843, Weedsport, N. Y. E. Jan. 16, 1864. M. Jan. 16, 1864. Private 3 Y 16 Art(?) Bat. M. Enlisted at Elbridge, N. Y. Married. Parent’s names Jacob, Louisa Ernts (?). Occupation Stone Cutter. In the Battle of Fort Fisher. Discharged Aug 21, 1866. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

Reenlisted: William Henry Christian. (Reenlisted) in 16 Cavalry, Co. G.
E August 1, 1863. M. August 19, 1863 for 3 Y. Enlisted at Buffalo, N. Y. Single. Parent’s names Jeremiah, Esther Ann Young. Occupation Butcher. In Battle of D(?)ranesville, Cull Pepper Court House, Warrington Station, Centerville, & wounded in the left shoulder, Ruckim (?). Discharged October 1, 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

Ausmun O. Titus, Brutus, Cayuga County N. Y. Born July 13, 1853 Cato N. Y. E. Sept. 2, 1864. M. Sep 2, 1864. Private, 3rd Art. Bat. A. 1 Y. Enlisted at Auburn, N. Y. collar (color) White, discharged July 3rd 1865. Still living. P. O. address Weedsport, N. Y.

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