Monday, March 17, 2008

Scipio Census 1800

I have another page of the 1800 Federal census to add. I am willing to bet that the parents of the last man listed had a sense of humor. He must have been born in mid-February!

Here is the 11th page of the census:

Levi Stephens
Daniel Cothrell (?)
Daniel Loomis
William Allen
Henry Watkins Junr.
Benjamin Tracey
Au(?)thur Smith
John Tarpenter
Avery Tracey
Elisha Fitch
Timothy Hallstead
James Kerr
Gideon Allen Junr.
Ebenzar (sic) White
Shedrick Hubbell
Au(?)thur Phelps
Seth McKinney
Thomas McKinney
Job Loomis
Abijah Atkins
Ebenezar Harrington
William Smead
David Edie
Isaac Parks
William Devine
Valantine Eastter


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, William Smead II, shown on this page of the 1880 federal census for Scipio, was a Revolutionary War soldier who served short stints at various times in Vermont. William did a few days of scouting in 1778, marched after Tories in August 1780, and marched to Fort Fortitude (located in present-day Bethel, Windsor Co., VT) several months later.

William Smead II, son of William Smead I and Phebe Partridge, was born ca. 1741, probably at present-day Keene, Cheshire Co., NH, then called Upper Ashuelot. William Smead I later removed to VT, as did his son William II, as both seem to have been in Windsor Co., VT during the Revolution. William II married Mehetabel Brown on 7 January 1767 at Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH. Mehetabel was born ca. 1751.

William Smead II was censused at Queensbury, Washington Co., NY in 1790 and so removed from there to Scipio sometime between 1790 and 1800. It appears from the 1880 census that William II and Mehetabel had at least six children, although I know the names of only four, all sons. These are William Smead III (b. ca. 1772), Jedediah Levens Smead (b. ca. 1781), Marshall Smead (b. 1784), and Allen Smead (b. 1789).

Allen Smead married Eleanor Bolton (b. ca. 1795) on 11 April 1813 at Scipio. Allen and Eleanor left descendants in Scipio but themselves removed to Leicester, Livingston Co. sometime between 1820 and 1850. Allen Smead's siblings also removed to the western counties of the state.

William Smead II was thought to have been pastor of a church in Scipio, perhaps the Methodist Episcopal Church once located near Eddy Cemetery on Manchester Road in Scipio, although Storke (1879:479) places formal organization of this church several years after William II's death on 17 February 1815. William II is buried in the Eddy Cemetery, as is his wife, Mehetebel, who died on 6 January 1823.

Roger A. Post said...

David Eddy (spelled Edie in the 1800 Scipio census) appears on the census page immediately following William Smead II. David Eddy was born in 1765 and removed with his wife, Mercy Waterman (b. ca. 1763), and son, Owen (b. 11 February 1787) from Chatham, Middlesex Co., CT to Scipio ca. 1795. David Eddy died 20 February 1813 and is buried in the Eddy Cemetery on Manchester Road, as is his wife, Mercy, who died 4 January 1834.

David and Mercy's son, Owen Eddy, married Sarah P. "Sally" Johnson (b. ca. 18 July 1786, probably in Derby, New Haven Co., CT) in 1806, presumably in Scipio. Owen and Sally had a son, David Eddy (b. May 1817) who married Pollyette Smead (b. 26 December 1817), a daughter of Allen Smead and Eleanor Bolton, thus joining the descendants of William Smead II and David Eddy, the elder. Owen Eddy and Sarah P. Johnson lived their adult lives in Scipio where they had six children.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Roger, we always like to talk about our veterans, especially those of the Revolutionary War. Those men were a hardy bunch and we are proud some of them settled in Scipio.
I find a Mrs. David Eddy in Storke's History of Cayuga County as a farmer. Written in 1879, this may be a third generation Eddy. What do you think?

Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, the Mrs. David Eddy listed as a farmer probably was Pollyette (or Polyette) Smead Eddy discussed in my preceding comment. Her husband, David, grandson of the elder David Eddy, died 24 September 1872 so Pollyette would have been a widow at the time Storke (1879) was published. Pollyette may have retained ownership of the farm, although the 1875 Atlas map for Scipio shows "A. Eddy," probably her son, Allen, at a family farm on present-day Black Street. I don't know where Pollyette was living in 1879, but she appears with the household of her son, Charles, in Genoa in the 1880 census. Pollyette died in Moravia ca. 5 June 1894.

One of Polyette's sisters, Harriet A. Smead, married Edwin P. Hoskins, Sr., who served as Sheriff of Cayuga Co., and was a grandson of the Revolutionary War soldier, Samuel Hoskins, Sr., discussed in a previous comment on the Scipio 1800 census pages.

In going back and looking at Storke (1879) and checking the online name index at Cayuga Co. NYGenWeb, I see that the name index didn't have "Eddy David Mrs." listed. Maybe these lists didn't make it into the online name index? Now I know to haul out the book and check the lists in the back. I had forgotten about them!

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

And if another reader would like a reprint of this book, Higginson Hooks has them available for about $65. There is a lot of interesting information about the people and places in Cayuga County from 1789 - 1879. Google, or go to