Sunday, March 23, 2008

Census for 1800 Scipio

Today I am posting the 12th page of the Scipio census. A few of these names were difficult to make out and I have indicated that with a (?).

Jreal (?) Bushby
Samuel Atkins
Gideon Allen
Ezra Davis
Josiah Watkins
Jonathan Swift
Samuel Chidsey
Augustus Chidsey
Samuel Boutton
Jacob Cole
Samuel Branch
Jesse Swift
William Tomkins
Thomas Bush
Thomas Lapham
Gideon Freeman
James Barber
Thomas Stoddard
Sylvanus Hussey
Friend (?) Phelps
Benjamin Whipple
Isaac Jones
Joseph L(?)audie
Roswell Franklin
Robert Geers
Elijah Drake

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twest said...

I was excited to see Thomas Stoddard's name. I am relatively new to Genealogy, but am fairly certain that he was my fifth great grandfather. Thank you!