Thursday, March 27, 2008

1800 Census for Scipio

Another day, another page of the 1800 census! We are about halfway through this first census of our town. Today I am adding page number 13; there is at least one name here that brought some fame to Scipio. See if you know who it is:

Samuel Grant
Thomas Hand (?)
John Pease
Jonas Stots (?)
Benjamin Howland
Daniel Maibling (?)
Jonathan Hussey
George Alolen
Josiah Smith
Francis Hezlit
John Wood
Jethro Wood
Franc(?) Whipple
Wilbert Dennis
Benjamin Langdon
Thomas Barnes
Timothy Piane
Salmon Buell
James Wood
Thomas Rogers
Orin Paine
James Baron
Thomas Morgan
John Sackett
Jedediah Morgan
Jacob Shepherd Snr.

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