Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Under Ground Rail Road in Cayuga County

A few years ago, our County obtained some funding to pursue an Under Ground Rail Road (UGRR) project. Coordinated through our County Historian, local historians and others with an interest in the subject combed old records in an effort to identify people, places and things associated with the UGRR.
Most of us have heard of the UGRR; we know that before the 13th Amendment, slaves were surreptitiously assisted in escaping to freedom by freedmen and other sympathizers. Especially here in Cayuga County, we know the story of Harriet Tubman and her bravery.
The project resulted in a scholarly work, a copy of which is located in Scipio's History Corner, showing various residences and paperwork that verified the UGRR existed in our area, most specifically in Sherwood.
Today I was excited to learn that further work has been done. Now, there is a new website with information about tours relating to the UGRR and abolitionism in Cayuga County. There are also several links available to related information.
The website can be accessed at Check it out!

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