Thursday, March 6, 2008

Federal Census for 1800 Scipio

I'll post one more page today, and tomorrow I will share some stories about a few of the men you see on it. Maybe you have a story to share, too?

Here is page 10:

Zebe Branch
Alonson Tracey
Mary Tracey
Benjamin Butterfield
Amos Rathbon
Peter Robinson
Abel Robinson
Dyer Carver
Lemuel Chase
Samuel Ward
Pearly Kinney
David Carver
Seth Sherwood
Felix Phelps
Sperry Peck
David Jones
Robert L. Tracey
Daniel Carver
Elihu Carver
Allen Rood
Anne Rood
Henry Watkins
Elisha Fitch Junr.
Joseph Barns
John Swan
Daniel Wildman


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, one story that you are probably aware of is that of my 4th great-grandfather, Captain Alanson Tracy, riding a bear to its death near Willow Corners east of Sherwood in Scipio. Rather than repeating the lengthy story here, I will provide the following link to it's location on RootsWeb:

A picture of Alanson Tracy is attached to the bear story at the above location. I have seen several versions of the story over the years. The different versions agree on the point that Alanson rode the bear for some distance before it was killed by one means or another.

Storke's (1879) History of Cayuga Co., NY contains a bit of biographical information on Alanson Tracy at the following location (page 419):

Storke (1879) describes Squire Gilbert Tracy (subject of a previous comment on this blog) and Captain Alanson Tracy as cousins who came into Scipio in 1793. This date places them among the earliest settlers of Scipio. In 1794, at the first Scipio Town Meeting, Alanson Tracy was appointed as a Constable and a Collector (Storke 1879:425). Squire Gilbert Tracy was appointed as an Assessor.

I should point out that as far as I can tell, the "cousins," Gilbert and Alanson Tracy, were actually 3rd cousins, once removed. Back in the 18th century, when families remained in the same communities for generations, perhaps most people actually knew who their third cousins were.

Alanson Tracy was born 29 September 1771 in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA. He married Martha "Patty" Howe (born 26 November 1779 at Windsor, Windsor Co., VT) at Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY on 24 November 1796. Alanson and Martha had 11 children, the first six of whom are known or thought to have been born in Scipio and the last three of whom are known or thought to have been born in Alexander, Genesee Co., NY. The other two children might have been born in either place. Dewitt Clinton Tracy, the 9th child, was born in Alexander on 6 December 1819 so it is safe to say that Alanson had moved west sometime between 5 May 1810, when the 6th child, Calvin Tracy, was born at Sherwood, and December 1819.

Martha "Patty" Howe Tracy died 6 July 1841 at Alexander, Genesee Co., NY and is buried there in the Alexander Village (Railroad Street) Cemetery. Alanson apparently returned to Scipio after the death of his wife and died in Scipio on 10 July 1952, although he is buried with his wife at Alexander.

Roger A. Post said...

For some reason, the format of this blog cuts off long URLs. I can see that my links to Alanson Tracy material are truncated. Here goes again with the links on multiple lines that readers will have to splice together, deleting any blank spaces. The bear story:

The biographical info on Alanson in Storke (1879):