Monday, March 31, 2008

Federal Census 1800

Today I will post some more of the 1800 census for Scipio. Soon, I will share some stories about the folks whose names you read.
Did you figure out who the "famous" person was on the last page? It was Jethro Wood, the man who invented the cast iron plow. Of course, there is some controversy about that so watch the blog for further details. Now here is page 14 of the census:

Jacob Shepherd Jnr.
Jeremiah Bailey
Moses Granger
Silas Tuttle
John Ewing
Darius Howe
Titus(?) Howe
Nathan Cash
George Nanne
Isaai Beach
Jedediah (?)yching
Timothy Howe Jnr.
Joseph Whitmore
Eli Shepherd
Rebecca Spalding
Samuel B. Richmond
Jonathan Brownell
Ephraim (sic) Buell
Isreal Buell
Edward S(?)elfredge
Daniel Brightman
Humphrey Tabor
James Smith
Samuel Smith
Benanuel Salsbury
John Bunce

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