Thursday, March 27, 2008

STOKER Family Reunion

Does your family have a yearly or biennial reunion? Are your roots in Scipio? Send me a comment, let's let everyone know when and where!
The Stoker family is celebrating their centennial reunion this year. That's right, folks, 100 reunions.
The Stoker family has roots in Cayuga County and in Scipio. Samuel and Mary (Brockelsby) Stoker came to America in 1835 on board the Albion out of Liverpool. With them were seven children; one more was born in Homer, NY.
Good farmers, the Stokers prospered and many remained in the area.
Their first reunion was actually a birthday celebration for Sam's oldest son John. Everyone agreed to meet again the following year and a reunion was born.
Photos survive from those early years of stern-faced ancestors, and the notes from those reunions have been preserved as well. You can find the earliest 20 years posted on the Cortland County rootsweb site ( ).
The fiftieth reunion was celebrated with special place cards, napkins and invitations that are carefully preserved. The goal for the 100th reunion is to make it memorable for everyone. We plan to have lots of activities for everyone.
I must confess to having a special interest here, I was born a Stoker - the 3rd great-granddaughter of Samuel and Mary. Some associated names in this family are Dalton, Holben, Hammon, Morris, Hardacre and Edick.
If you are a Stoker I would love to hear from you. Copies of the Samuel and Mary Stoker genealogy record are available at the Scipio Town Hall, as well as the Wesley Stoker genealogy. Wesley and his wife Jennie Dennis lived on Skillett Road in Scipio, in the brick house on the corner of Gilling Road.


Nancy Stoker said...

Wow! Imagaine my surprize and delight happening across this site! I am Nancy Stoker, daughter of William and Miriam Stoker, born in Homer NY in 1955! I have 2 sisters, Sue and Mary, and our grandmother was Eva H Stoker! I will pass this information and site on to my siisters and father and we will stay in touch. Best wishes to all! Nancy

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Well hello, cousin! I am so glad to hear from you, and glad to have this info online where you could find it.
We have developed quite a family tree. I have a little info on your family line but had believed your mother's name to be Patricia, not Miriam.
I would enjoy hearing from you and updating the Stoker information we have if you want to e-mail me at

tchgrl22 said...

Sandy, I met you at the 101st. reunion with my mom, Jane Orser. When she passed last year I got the family archive. I have boxes of photos,memorabilia, etc, but I don't know if you have ever had access to it. Most of it came from my grandmother, Elizabeth Amanda Stoker Close, oldest daughter of Jennie and Wesley. I even have letters written by Joseph in the 1850's. I would love the opportunity to send you copies of some of the documents, if you have not seen them before. I have several photos of homesteads in Scipio. My grandfather, Elwood Huron Close also came from Scipio. His father was Arthur P Close and his mother was Achasa Jane Powers. I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you.

tchgrl22 said...

Sorry, grandpa's mother was Minnie Fox Close. Arthur's grandmother was Achasa Jane Powers.