Thursday, March 6, 2008

Federal Census for Scipio 1800

I have always thought of Scipio as an example of small town America. That is until I started transcribing the 1800 census. For a town that was only 6 years old we sure had a lot of people living in Scipio!

Here is the 8th page of Scipio's 1800 census:

Elijah Coon
David Ward
Samuel Sharp
Matthias Sharp
Reuben Wyllys
David Lesure
Thomas Wyllys
Robert Neely
Abner French
Ddavid Barnhart
Christopher Snider
Gorge Elliott
Elisha Horton
Eleazer Hill
Robert McCollum
Alexander Weed
Benjamin Fordyce
James Harris
William H. Lee
Nathaniel Harris
Nathaniel Olney
Josiah Burk
John Roorbach
Stephen King
Ebenezar Crais (?)
Samuel Sweet

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