Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scipio 1800 Census

Another day, another census page. Today I am sharing the 16th page from the 1800 census. You'll notice some familiar surnames here!

Benjamin Avery
Edmund Capon
Samuel Southard
Charles Kendall
John Jinney
William Culver
Hosias Culver
Noah Lapham
Jonathan Chamberlain
Icabod Southwick
Jeremiah Bishop
Samuel Stiles
John Wright
Hannah Bishop
Thomas Manihull
Simon Freeland
Asabel Coggswell
James Cortwright
Abraham Cortwright
Gardner Moore
George Moore
Cornelius Bashford
William Nanne
Peter Melatte
Darius Howe
Timothy Howe


Roger A. Post said...

Jeremiah Bishop and Hannah Bishop appear among the listed names. Hannah Bishop was the widowed mother of Jeremiah, whom I shall call Jeremiah III because there were three Jeremiahs in a row in this family.

Hannah Bishop (maiden name unknown) was born ca. 1733 in Union, Tolland Co., CT. She married Jeremiah Bishop II (b. 24 March 1730/31 at Bolton, Tolland Co., CT) ca. 1755, probably in Union where her first three children were born. Her next four children were born in Windsor Co., VT, indicating that Jeremiah Bishop II and his family removed from CT to VT ca. 1764.

Jeremiah II and Hannah picked up stakes again ca. 1787, removing from West Windsor, Windsor Co., VT to NY where he appears in the 1790 census at Chemung, Chemung Co., NY. By the summer of 1795, the family of Jeremiah Bishop II were in Scipio. Jeremiah II and Hannah appear at this time among the founding members of the First Baptist Church of Scipio, which was located at present-day Stewart's Corners, now in the Town of Venice, Cayuga Co., NY. Jeremiah II only lived another 4 years, dying in 1799. Hannah, although still in Scipio for the 1800 census, died 22 April 1813 back in West Windsor, Windsor Co., VT.

Jeremiah Bishop III, son of Jeremiah II and Hannah, was born 30 May 1762 at Union, Tolland Co., CT. Jeremiah III was a Revolutionary War Veteran serving in the vicinity of Windsor Co., VT. He married Mary (maiden name unknown) before 1787, presumably in the vicinity of West Windsor, Windsor Co., VT. Jeremiah III appears at Chemung, Chemung Co., NY in the 1790 census and, like his parents and wife, in the summer of 1795 was among the founding members of the First Baptist Church of Scipio at present-day Stewart's Corners, Venice, Cayuga Co., NY.

Jeremiah Bishop III remained in Scipio until after 1810, when he again appears in the census there, but by 1820 he had gone back east to Stillwater, Albany Co., NY, where he died 17 August 1838. Jeremiah III is supposed to have been married three times with 23 to 25 children. At least one son, Joseph Bishop (b. 1 July 1792), remained in Scipio where he married 1st Amanda Reynolds, 2nd Mary (Polly) Beardsley, and 3rd Mary Etta Race (probably). Descendants of Joseph Bishop remain in the Scipio area.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I attended a genealogy conference in Pennsylvania a few years ago and enjoyed a great presentation about the migration path from Vermont to central NY in the late 18th century. It was apparently, the thing to do and the place to go! DO you think Jeremiah II perhaps influenced the family's migration here due to receving a land grant from his Revolutionary service?
Jeremiah III appears to have been quite prolific, even for those days. Family size was on average much larger then than it is today; children did not all survive childhood's diseases and injuries; and the family provided the manual labor necessary for forging westward and settling in undeveloped areas. Having many children was a practical survival technique.
There were also many instances of multiple marriages, due to the rigors of life not to mention childbirth in a time with little real medical intervention available. And one parent could not accomplish providing for the family as well as caring for the house and children - remember there was no such thing as a faucet with running water, or electricity to run an appliance. Those were very different times, weren't they!

Roger A. Post said...

I'm afraid that I never researched the question of Revolutionary land grants in relation to the movements of this family. I'm guessing that Jeremiah III was the driving force here, as he seems to have been the Jeremiah Bishop that served in the vicinity of Windsor Co., VT. Jeremiah II was already 45 at the start of the Revolution whereas Jeremiah III was about 16 when he apparently began his service in 1778.

By the time that he transferred his property in VT to his oldest son, Levi Bishop, in 1787, Jeremiah II was 57. I would guess that Jeremiah III, at 25, would have taken on the lion's share of the physical labor of farming by then. With Levi set up on the family farm in VT, the two Jeremiahs may have set out to do the same for Jeremiah III (the nest son after Levi) in Scipio. One wishes that some written account of their struggles and life in Scipio had been prepared and passed down, but I am not aware that such exists.