Sunday, April 20, 2008

Population totals per the 1800 Federal Census

On display in the History Corner at the Scipio Offices is the entire 1800 census copy, as well as the transcript I just completed.
In addition to the names lists I have posted to the Blog, the census and transcript shows the numbers of people in each of these households, broken out by age groups and separated by free persons and slaves. Some of the names are recognized as the same ones in our Ledger of Slaves, also copied and transcribed at Scipio, as well as completely viewable on line at the Cayuga County Historian's website; you can link to that below.
Here are the grand totals of each group living in Scipio at the time this census was taken.

Free white males
Under 10: 667
10 thru 15: 199
16 thru 25: 293
26 thru 44: 305
45 and over: 133

Free white females
Under 10: 599
10 thru 15: 192
16 thru 25: 309
26 thru 44: 267
45 and over: 112

All other Free Persons: 1

Slaves: 10

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