Saturday, April 12, 2008

Photos of Scipioville and Sherwood School

Once again I am experimenting. The lack of high speed Internet access here in Scipio is a constant source of frustration for myself and other residents. I am hesitant to post anything to this blog that would have a long download time, but I would like to make some photos and other materials available as a link.
Today, I am sharing a link to 2 photos. This album will be visible to all users at If indeed I have done this correctly, clicking the link should take you to a page with thumbnails photos, enlargeable by clicking on them. So let's see!


Roger A. Post said...

It works just fine, Sandie!

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I am glad, Roger; I want to make photos and other items available for folks, while not creating a problem with the basic blog for those of us with that pesky dial-up service.
If you live in Scipio and are reading this, please let your Town Supervisor know you agree with him that high speed internet service should be available for all. You can link to Scipio Government from the bottom of the Blog page and make your thoughts known.

Harriet said...

What is the approx. date for the first photo?