Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memorial Day Celebrations

Before we know it, Memorial Day will be here. Originally known as Decoration Day, Waterloo New York claims to be its original home.
For the past year or so, Waterloo and some generous contributors have been working on erecting an ambitious new Civil War memorial next to Cayuga-Seneca Canal Lock #4. You can check out progress or get directions to check it out yourself on their website at
The goal is to complete it in time for a dedication ceremony the weekend of September 18th - 20th. They have already received donations of over half of the amount needed! I hope to take a look this June when I attend the Daughters of Union Veterans (DUV) Conference in Waterloo, the pictures on their website show a lovely memorial with a lot of work.
If you are interested in the DUV, there is a link to their national website at the bottom of the page.

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