Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Revolutionary War and Scipio

Scipio is one of the original towns for the land grants that were provided to veterans of the Revolutionary War for their service. Some stayed, some sold, some moved on. In the coming weeks, I will be providing a list of some of America's finest who originally received land in Scipio. Today I want to tell you about a website I just discovered that has a plethora of information about Revolutionary soldiers as well as Civil War information, early FBI data and much much more. It is http://www.footnote.com/. They are busily digitizing to jpegs the National Archives records, including original documents from the Continental Congress and so much more. They have some information that is free to view. There is also a one-week free trial, or for about $60 you can go crazy for a full year and download and view whatever is available.
It seems to be a bit like Wikipedia, in that people are invited to share their information. The original documents as I said are jpegs (so for those of us with dial-up connections, it will be a long slow process) so these documents are unalterable.
I was able to view and download one of my ancestor's Revolutionary War service records and pension applications, and found that it included verification that he served at Valley Forge, and his discharge was signed by George Washington. So I think this website is defintely worth checking out for a week's trial. Let me know what you find!

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