Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Census Page for 1800

It seems like it has taken a long time, but we have finally reached the last census page for Scipio in 1800. Now, bear in mind that Scipio in 1800 was not Scipio of 2008. Parts of Scipio became other towns. A blog for another day!
Here without further ado is the last set of names. The census taker and I have done our best to spell these names accurately but there of course will be errors, particularly where I have tried to read some of these old records and interpret handwriting.

Elisha Hewett
Ebenezar Liester (sic)
Ebenezar Wood
Daniel Leister (sic)
David Hammond
Lemuel Herrick
Simeon Herrick
Daniel Howe
James Voohies
Daniel Robinson
Judah Whitting
Hosea Buttington
John Harris
Stephen Mason
Zadaock Bateman
Nathan Hurd
John Moseir (sic)
Daniel R(?)awson
Joseph Coon
David Barnhart
William Hyer

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