Sunday, April 20, 2008

Census for 1800

Today I am posting some more of the Federal census pages. Here are the names from page 18 for Scipio:

Edmund Sawtol (?)
Asa Sottle
Levi Sottle
Hezekiah Cresey
Philip Truman
John Wall
Joshua Loers
David Hu(?)ston
Ebenezar Witter
Stephen Wilcox
John Butt(?)er
Stephen Dunn
Samuel Butler
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb Junr.
John Webb
Ezra Webb
Caleb Lawyer
James Butt(?)er
Benjamin Truman
Matthew Stephens
Samuel Clarke
Nathaniel Walker
Luther Tapper
Samuel Baker
Belden Stossen

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Dorothy Coltrin said...

I thought I would comment on Edmund, Asa & Levi Sawtell. (I think these are the name of the 3 men in the 1800 census. Their father John Sawtell left a will in Chenango, Broome, NY in 1810, mentioning these names. John Sawtell was b. in Groton, MA in 1743, m. Susanna Farnsworth and the births of 7 of their children including Edmund, Asa and Levi are recorded in the Groton records. Apparently John moved to New Ipswich, NH where he and his son Edmund fought in the Revolutionary War. By 1790 John is found in the census of Chemung, Montgomery, NY. But he must have moved again to Broome Co before his death. The only information that I have on his son Asa is that he bought property in the Holland Purchase of NY in 1810 and is describe as a early pioneer of Middleport, NY.
Would you comment on the apparent movement of a family like these Sawtells. What was the impetus for their change of address? Thanks.