Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scipio Civil War Soldiers

Today I will continue to list our soldiers, from L to P.

Lawrence, Norman
Landon, Egbert B. S.

Miner, Joseph
Meagher, John
Manchester, Danl. W.
Mullally, Peter
Myres (?), John
Morris, John
McLaughlin, James
Myres (?), John W.
McCarthy, Edward
Mack, Robt.
Mickley, Wredson (?)
Meacher, Danl.

Neville, James

Olney, Adoniman (?) I.
Overholt, Ewing
Osborn, Henry

Pickens, Warren R. Pease, Wm. Wallace
Pease, George
Plunkett, William
Pease, Marcus
Phelps, William
Phelan, Thomas
Pierce, Orvill
Perry, Dixon

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