Monday, February 9, 2009

Civil War and Scipio

Today, I will list more of the soldiers in the Town Clerk book of 1865. Listed here are surnames of R to S:

Ross, David

Richardson, Martin V.

Reynolds, Norman A.

Robertson, Alanson B.

Robertson, Jas. R.

Rounds, Alfred

Reynolds, Joseph

Ross, James

Rinker, Edward B.

Rourke, John

Reynolds, Chas.

Sturgess, Augustus

Smith, Theodore

Shorkley, Pardon Thornton

Sandwick (?), Thomas

Sandwich, Isaac W.

Sullivan, Michael

Scott, Wesley

Strong, Philip

Simpson, Henry

Smith, Chas. H.

Savage, David A.

Steves, Edward A.

Sheldon, Frank

Sincerbox [sic], Chester

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Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is some info on Pardon Thornton Shorkley (and thanks for giving his middle name, which I didn't have).

Pard was born in 1833 or 1834 (sources differ), son of James C. Shorkley and Julia A. (Shorkley). He served in Company E, 9th Regiment Artillery (Heavy), New York Volunteers according to the list for Scipio Rural Cemetery. Pard married Alice M. Rumsey, daughter of Reuben Rumsey and Sarah Johnson, ca. 1871 and was father of Freddie (died young), Glenn A., and George E. Shorkley. Glenn and George were well-known Scipio residents. Pard died in 1907 after a life as a farmer, as well as a carpenter and joiner. Interestingly, the 1875 Atlas map shows Pard living where the Scipio Town Office is presently located!