Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ledyard and the Civil War

The Ledyard Town Clerk on April 24th of 1866 was Allen Mosher. He was evidently a man who was precise. I find the first page of the Ledyard book of Civil War service has a hand-written notation after the typed words "the preceding pages contain a full and complete record of the names of all Officers and Soldiers" in Mr. Mosher's writing that says "so far as obtainable."
And the book is indeed neatly and fully written.
We will explore the Ledyard book because until 1823, Ledyard was included in the Town of Scipio. Many of these names will be recognizable, including another of my great-grandfathers. Here are the names in the Ledyard book, A - F:

Barns, Wm. M.
Blowers, John L.
Benedict, James
Bowen, George A.
Burns, Daniel
Bently, George S.
Baker, David A.
Beebe, Edwin
Brightman, Sylvester
Bennett, George W.
Barry, Patrick

Chidester, George
Coghlin, Jeremiah
Cowen, Wilson E.
Carey, Andrew J. Carter, William B.
Clayton, Elihu
Cook, Darius
Curtis, Edward
Carney, James
Coghlin, Bartholomew
Collins, Charles

Dimick, Homer
Dimick, Ogden

Evans, Samuel C.
Eager, Theodore
Ellis, Hiram
Evidin(?), Robert

Fowler, William H.
Fowler, Walter S.
Fowler, George W.
Fallin, John
Fuller, Samuel G.
Fry, John
Frederick, Edward
Flinn, Patrick
Fink, Robert
Fry, Hiram
Fox, David
Fitch, Henry W.

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