Saturday, February 7, 2009

Civil War Soldiers from Scipio

Say that title 3 times fast!

Today, I'll continue with listing G through K.

Green, Sam'l Walter
Gould, Benj. F.
Glenn, John (no, not the astronaut!)
Gallup, Wm. W.
Gisty (?), Richard
Gerber, Henry

Hoxie, Allen E.
Hill, Lyman
Humphrey, Jno. J.
Herring, Danl.
Hart, Fredk. R.
Haight, John
Hitchcock, Jas. B. (my maternal great-grandfather)
Heidson, Jno. A.
Hardman, Michael B.
Hartnet, James
Hillard, David D.
Hartley, Chas. W.
Hankin, Thomas
Hale, Geo. (?)

No "I"

Jones, Justan
Jagnelt (?), Alphius
Johnson, John
Jones, Edward

King, Wm. W.
Kerr, James R.
King, Wm.
King, Henry
Kelley, Andrew
Kirby, Patrick

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Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is some info on Benjamin F. Gould, son of DeWitt Gould and Hannah Akin, husband of Emeline Amelia Palmer, and father of Libbie Gould Becker (also of Emeline A. and Charlotte A. Gould who died as children). Benjamin was born in August 1843 and 19 years later enrolled in Company I, 111th Regiment, New York Volunteers, which mustered into U.S. service on 20 August 1862 at Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY. At some point during his service, he lost his left arm. In 1898 he is listed as receiving a disability pension of $72/month. Benjamin also had very poor vision, possibly related to war injuries, because he is listed as blind in the 1870 federal census for Scipio. Benjamin, despite his disabilities, remained active in the community, and was a prominent member of the Grange. He also attended the dedication of the New York State Monument at Gettysburg with other surviving members of the 111th in July 1893 and attended 111th Regiment reunions until 1913. By 1914, Benjamin was quite deaf as well as having very poor vision. Tragically, while walking from the creamery to the Grange store near Merrifield, he was struck by a train and killed at Snyder's Crossing on 29 September 1914, neither hearing nor seeing the oncoming southbound Shortline train despite the warning shouts of bystanders.