Sunday, October 12, 2008

School Trustee Minutes from 1819

In April of 1819, the Trustees engaged Harmon Landon to teach six months. He received $15.00 a month and board, again from home to home. New Trustees elected in May decided to purchase a stove for the schoolhouse. They agreed to meet the following Saturday to take down the chimney. Those who did not help would be held liable to pay the price for 1/2 a day's labor which was estimated at 27 cents. They also decided to hire Alfred Briggs to teach at $15.00 and board for four months.

Lucy Crocker (remember Lucy Crocker?) must have done a suitable job as she was hired again in April to teach for six months. Her salary went up a little; from $2.00 a week to $9.00 a calendar month and her board. Her first day, when school began the summer term, was April 17th, 1820.


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, I have been trying to connect Harmon Landon to the Landon family of southern Cayuga Co., without much success. If Harmon Landon was a young man in 1819, he may well have been a son of Ezekiel Landon, who settled in the Stewart's Corners area of Venice (then part of Scipio) around 1800 according to Storke (1879:436). Ezekiel, who seems to have removed from Litchfield Co., CT and appears in the 1800 census at Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY, did have 3 males between 16 and 25 in his household in 1820. The only reference to a Harmon Landon that I could find was a notice of marriage to Betsey Cranson, daughter of Thomas Cranson, Esq., of Sempronius, in 1828. One wonders what ever became of Harmon.

Elliot G. Storke, History of Cayuga County, New York 1789 - 1879, (D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY 1879), p. 436, "Ezekiel Landon, Samuel Robinson and Amos Rathbun were among the first settlers, the former two at Venice, and the latter at Poplar Ridge."

United States, 1820 Census: Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY, (Roll: M33_68, p. 117, "Ezekiel Landon [Males:] 1[<10] 2[10<16] 0 3[16<26] 0 1[45+] [Females:] 0 1[10<16] 2[16<26] 0 1[45+]."

"MARRIED. . . . In Sempronius, on the 20th inst. by Sherman Beardsley, Esq., Mr. Harmon Landon to Miss Betsey, daughter of Thomas Cranson, Esq. . . ."
-- Thomas M. Tryniski (scan), Roger Post (transcriber), Cayuga Patriot, Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY, Wednesday, 26 March 1828

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

It seems logical that there would be some relationship between Harmon, and the Landons who have been a part of our community for many years. Maybe continued reading of the Trustee minutes will provide a few more details that will help solve this mystery!