Sunday, October 12, 2008

NYS Archives Information

I continue to look over the information I brought home from my visit to the NYS Archives. I am having a lot of fun reading the school Trustee minutes.
Looking at the 1817 entries, we find the first female teacher was engaged to teach the summer school for $2.00 a week and her board. Melinda Timey received considerably less than her male counterparts but times were different then. At the next Trustee meeting, Silas McHall was hired to teach the four month winter school session. He received $17.00 a month plus his board.

In 1818, new Trustees were elected: Charles Kendall, John Barber and Samuel Cook. Consider King remained as the Clerk. A contract was made with Lucy Crocker to teach the school five months at $2.00 a week and her board, beginning the second week in May. In October of the same year, John McEdlerkin (?) was hired to teach four and a half months at $16.50 a month and board, and he was to board around and not stay with one family.

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I've just discovered your blog and your role as Scipio Center historian. Back in the mid-70s my parents were in contact with a mrs. Kenneth Coulson who was then the town historian about our Allen family ancestors. Can I contact you via e-mail? Specifically, I'm looking for information on Henry W. Allen 1807-1861 (later married Laura Hall of Skaneteles and had 3 daughters).

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