Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumn in Scipio NY

The Canada geese are honking their way north along Owasco Lake this evening; heading from Auburn to Moravia and points beyond. Looking across the water to the east side of Owasco Lake, the trees are beginning to show brilliant oranges, reds and yellows in the bright sunlight. The colorful hedgerows and trees mixed with the green fields make me want to grab a camera and get busy!

Digital cameras have made an enormous change to our ability to take photos. The Civil War era was the beginning of mass photography, thanks to James Brady. In later years, folks posed for a single lifetime family portrait. Then along came Kodak and the Brownie box camera, affordable and available to many; and now not so very many years later I use a digital camera that takes and stores hundreds of photographs. Some are pretty good, others not so much.

The point is that our ability to document our selves, our actions and our communities is so much better than a century ago. So get out there and get snappin'!

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