Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School District Minutes

On June 8, 1816, the regular meeting was held for Scipio School district #32. Trustees were Benjamin Avery, Hezekiah Avery and John A. Barker. The Collector was William Freeman and Consider King again served as the Clerk.
A new teacher, Noah Dennis, was hired for $12.00 a month and his board. This was quite a bit less than the last teacher, so we can presume that Noah was probably younger and quite inexperienced. He apparently didn't stay long, as in November, Joe Riggs was hired to teach for the next 5 months. Joe was paid $20.00 a month, and was boarded at one place for all 5 months instead of having to move from family to family. He also negotiated that he would be transported home at the end of the semester rather than having to pay that expense himself.

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