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Comstock's History Page Twenty-eight

CAYUGA COUNTY NEW YORK by Austin B. Comstock

I have posted each page of this history separately. The index, posted on June 24, 2014 in 4 parts, provides the page numbers; you can also search the blog for a particular name appearing anywhere within it. 
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This page was written after Comstock had completed his work, by Elizabeth P. Andrews Taylor in approximately 1958. 
I hope you have enjoyed reading about more of Scipio's early history!

Page Twenty-eight
Written by Elizabeth P. Andrews Taylor, wife of Hermon W. Taylor
In the year 1801 Obed Andrews came in and settled in the town of Scipio (now Venice) taking up a large tract of land about a mile square which was eventually divided up in a number of farms; there were four farms which were occupied by his descendants up to about ten years ago (now 1958) when two of the farms were sold out of the family. Two still occupied by relatives.
Part of this tract of land being Lots # 73, 61, 72 and 60.
Obed Andrews lived on his farm until his death – he was born (probably) about 1780 and died after year 1844.
In 1844 he deeded to his son Ephraim Andrews a certain piece (more or less) of 134 ½ acres Ephraim then deeded it later to his wife Emily Mosher Andrews in 1781. At her death it was left to their two daughters, Phebe Andrews Bennett and Lucy Andrews. Phebe was the wife of Charles Bennett and had four children: Phyllis, Arvid, Ephraim and Mary. Lucy remained single. Phebe gave her farm to Ephraim Bennett and Lucy’s farm went to Arvid Bennett.
Abidah A. Andrews (granddaughter of Obed) and who married Daniel Kratzer lived on one farm until she sold it to Charles Bennett when they moved to Cortland, NY. They had one son Glenn Andrews Katzer who was a minister.
Charles and Phebe Bennett lived on this farm until their deaths; then Mary Bennett Cornell (who married E. Cornell) lived there until death (Cornell having died a few years previous). Phyllis Bennett who married Will Wyant lived on a farm given to the family by an uncle Orvid Mosher – a brother of Emily Mosher Andrews, and great-uncle of Hermon W. Taylor. At the present time this piece of land is owned (and occupied as a tenant house) used as a turkey farm by E. Y. Smith & son whose farm joins this property; these farms are about three miles south of Stewart’s Corners. At the death of Mary B. Cornell, the property went to Phyllis’ sons Walter and Claude Wyant, then passed on to another nephew Will Bennett who now lives there (1958).
Abidah Andrews deeded to William H. Andrews (her father) a farm of 70 acres more or less – where William Harrison lived until his death. He married first Mary Welch (interred in the Stewart’s Corners Cemetery). Three children were born by this marriage, Glenn Andrews who served in the Civil War, 111th NY Infantry, Camp Sumpter, GA and died in Andersonville Prison in May 1864; Abidah Andrews and Morton M. Andrews, a carpenter and Pattern maker who moved to Buffalo, NY; Mary died when these three children were very small and W. H. then married Emeline Harris one of the daughters of Sophia Hurlbut Harris (and Henry Harris). Sophia and Henry Harris’ children were Lucy, Fannie, Sally, Annie, Emeline, Maria, Mary & Carrie. Fannie Harris was the wife of Hermon Mosher, grandfather of Hermon Taylor.
 The children of Emeline and William Harrison were Amelia, Mary, Vestina, Dr. Lucius, Victor, Adelbert and Willie.
William Harrison’s farm was occupied by his son Victor Andrews until his death in 1924, after which his children took over; Charles Andrews having lived there at one time then a daughter Jennie who married Clarence Baker and they then kept the farm until her death in 1939; since the farm was sold to J. Rejman and house used as a tenant house (1958).
Daniel Kratzer’s father was also a soldier in the Civil War, and held in the Andersonville Prison.

CAYUGA COUNTY NEW YORK by Austin B. Comstock
sg 6/24/14

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