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Comstock's History Page Eighteen

CAYUGA COUNTY NEW YORK by Austin B. Comstock

I will be posting each page of this history separately. The index, posted on June 24, 2014 in 4 parts, provides the page numbers; you can also search the blog for a particular name appearing anywhere within it. 
The index is also published at and will eventually have a link back to this blog.
I hope you find something new!

Page Eighteen
In a few years he moved into he building now standing behind the “Block” where he did an extensive business until 1852 when he sold his home to
Dr. D. R. Pearl and moved to Auburn and entered the firm of Hayden and Letchworth. He was succeeded by Waterman York, who after two years gave place to Theodore Austin who was succeeded in 1860 by John Taylor who vacated early in 1863 in favor of Sylvanus Reynolds who continued the business until 1871 when Charles F. Comstock, who continued this building until the spring of 1880, when he bought a small building and moved it to his own land.
J. A. Hudson rented the old building for a time as an auction room. In 1883 the present “Block” was built, and Comstock occupied the north end of it until 1924 when he retired. At the time the “Block” was built, what is now Brown’s store was run as a hardware store with tine shop and this occupied the back part of the south part, and S. W. Green had the Post Office in the southwest corner room.
When the Rebellion broke out, Sherwood and vicinity was prompt to respond. We give the names of soldiers from this vicinity:

William H. Fowler             Died at New Bern
Walter S. Fowler
George Fowler
Walter Wibert                  Killed at Battle of the Wilderness
Thomas Thurston             Killed – place unknown
Seneca Goodman
William Wilbert
Thomas Goodman
William Phillips                Son of Herman, an ex-slave
John Phillips                     Son of Herman, an ex-slave
James Phillips                  Son of Herman, an ex-slave
Benjamin F. Gould           Arm shot off and eye put at Battle of the Wilderness
Lewis H. Emerson
Charles F. Week
Seward Dean                   Killed in battle
William King                   Died at New Bern
S. B. Mastin                    Killed in battle
James C. King
Daniel O’Herron                   
Jerry Coughlin               15 months in Andersonville prison
John Wesley Shaw         Lost his leg at Getysburg
Albert Robinson             Died at Andersonville
Robert Gleason
Cornelieus Sullivan         Killed in action

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