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Comstock's History Page Fourteen

CAYUGA COUNTY NEW YORK by Austin B. Comstock

I will be posting each page of this history separately. The index, posted on June 24, 2014 in 4 parts, provides the page numbers; you can also search the blog for a particular name appearing anywhere within it. 
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Page Fourteen
The farm now owned by William Marshall was bought of Walter Wood by Richard Shaw in 1802.
Shaw built a log house, cleared land, and set out an orchard and had peaches to sell in 1806. After Shaw’s death, the farm fell into the hands of his son, Robert, who sold it to a George Howland, father of Augustus Howland and great-grandfather of Lewis R. Howland of Poplar Ridge. I am unable to learn if this man was any close relation to our present Howland family. At Howland’s death it went to his son-in-law, W. H. Chase, who in turn sold to Benjamin F. Battey. At Battey’s death it was sold to the present owner.
The farm now owned by Martin Keough was settled by Captain Seth Thomas of the War of 1776, who died in 1833, and the place was then bought by Joseph Davis and by him sold to above-mentioned Howland; then it passed to W. H. Chase and by him sold to James Battey. It was later owned by his son Benjamin F. Battey. At Beattey’s death this farm went to his brother-in-law, Benjamin F. Taber, and at his death sold to Martin Keough, the present owner.
The farm now owned by Stewart Russell was first owned by Peter Pinne of Aurora, NY, who sold it to Joshua Baldwin about 1818. Baldwin sold to Sylvester Weeks who sold to Thomas Collins in 1879 and by Collin’s grandson to the present owner in 1938. The farm now owned by Collin’s brother is part of the Walter Wood tract. It was set off as separate farm and bought and improved by A. Lapham at an early date. Lapham sold to George Howland in 1835. It, having fallen into the hands of W. H. Chase, was sold to Oscar F. Van Marter, who transferred it to Leonard Searing, and he to Thomas Collins in 1870.
At Collins’ death this farm went to his son Theodore and from him at his death, to his sons Raymond and Forest Collins, the present owners.
The house now owned by Minnie Morse and Lulu Magill was built in 1810 by a lady by the name of Judah Willison who afterward married Isaac Mitchell, with whom she lived a few years until his death; she spent the balance of her life there and died in 1844.
The place was then sold to Thomas Collins who sold it to Henry Fisher who died there in 1866. It was then purchased by J. A. Hudson and was sold by his heirs to the present owners.
The upper farm now owned by our member of Assembly, James H. Chase, was settled by Johnathon Bowen, sold by him at an early date to William Thomas, then in 1834 to Augustus Howland and by him to Howard Chase; by inheritance to present owner.
The farm now owned by Frederick Howland was settled by Thomas Lapham

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