Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scipio Property Owners in 1860

I am continuing with the 1860 assessment book, listing the names of Scipio property owners:
Vanliew, Daniel P.
Vanliew, Fayette
Vanliew, Peter
Van Arsdale, Peter

Daniel owned 235 acres in Lot 17. Fayette and Peter owned 84 acres and 75 acres respectively, in the same Lot. The Vanliew family (and that’s another name that spelled many different ways) was and continues to be a prominent one in Scipio. Daniel’s father was a Revolutionary War veteran and Daniel went on to fight in the Civil War.

You’ll recognize some of these names as well:
Tracy, Uriah
Tracy, Calvin
Tracy, Calvin
Thomas, Allen
Tallman, Jno. K.
Taber, Wm
Tallman, Gideon
Townsen, Samuel
Taylor, Franklin

The Tracy family also was one of Scipio’s earliest arrivals, again due to the military balloting of land to Revolutionary War veterans. A Calvin Tracy fought in the Civil War, dying in service in another state and returned here to lie with his family in death. One Calvin is listed as owning 210 acres; the other owned 1/2 acre.

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