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Assessments in 1898 Scipio Part One

By 1898, the larger land holdings were gone. Few in Scipio owned much more than 100 acres. The assessment book for 1898 showed 151 unique landowners, with some of those owning more than one piece of taxable property. Those landowners declared a total of 52 dogs, also apparently taxable. The majority of them were men, but women were well represented as owners too. Most residents owned 25 or fewer acres. Here are some names that are still extant in Scipio:
Phillip Buckhout owned 58 acres in Lot 27. A W. F. Buckhout, also in Lot 27, owned ¼ acre. I will have to ask the current-day Phil Buckhout how those two were related!
Day Chamberlain owned 84 acres in Lot 7. Mary Conklin, 50 acres in Lot 20.John Fisher owned 19 acres in Lot 14. Susie Howland as executrix was listed as owner for 110 acres in Lot 14. The Hoxie women were represented in Lot 13, by name Mary E., Dorinda L. and Mrs. Phebe.
My great-grandfather James B. Hitchcock was listed as the owner of 98 acres in Lot 13. E. D. Mosher owned 145 acres and E. S. Manchester, 101. Mary E. Smith may have owned the largest piece of land; she was shown as possessing 195 acres in Lot 6. Close behind with 180 was Hellen Tate.

Other owners more or less by alphabet are:

Sarah Anthony
Leonard Brewster
William Batten
Larry Bruten
Maggie Burns
Lewis Baker
James Boddy
Martha Baldwin
Michael Bresnan
John Bowness
H. Brewster
C. Butler
William Conley
Chauncey Culver
Loren Curtis
John Canaly
Orsevilla Cowles
Edwin Cooper
Mrs. John Casler
Henry M. Cain
F. B. Chapman
William Coss
Alenzo Culver
Josephine Darrow
John Donnelly
Daniel Dean
C. D. Dowd
Frank Doane
Robt. B. Eaker
Mrs. John Eaker
Heny C. Elliot
Charles Fritz
Isaac Fiester
Mary Fieser
John Folay
Andrew Foren
John Farley
Nancy Fish
Geo. Groom
William Gulliver
James Grady
B. F. Gould
Henry Golden
William Grant
Arthur Golden
Thomas Gray
Anna Hilard (Hiland?)
Martha Hoxie
Edward Hoskins
Hiram Hill
George Hoxie
Abigail Hunter
L. B. Hunter
Thomas Hanlon
Benjamin Houghlin
Allen Hartman
Charles Jones
John King
Patrick Kinsella
John King Jun.
Mary J. King
Lillian King
John Knox
Thomas Lynch
Clarence Lawson
George Loyster
Nettie Leeson
Sarah Lawson
Hinman Loveland


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is some more on several of the landowners that you listed.

Day Knox Chamberlain (1861-1949) was the son of Henry David Chamberlain and Abigail Ann Post. He married Rebecca Odell (1862-1904) ca. 1884. They had nine children: Harry D., A. Pauline, Charles Odell, Howard Benjamin, Earl, Smith F., Sumner Leslie, Carlton D., and Clarence E. Chamberlain.

The Hoxie women appear to have been a mother and two of her unmarried daughters: Mrs. Phebe L. Battey Hoxie (1822-1898), widow of William Hoxie (1812-1890); Mary Ellen Hoxie (1855-1935); and Dorinda L. Hoxie (1863-1905). Two other daughters were married, which is probably why they were not listed as landholders: Phebe Frances Hoxie (1857-1936), wife of Allington W. Watkins (1856-1931), and Lillian E. Hoxie (1859-1955), wife of James Marsh King (1865-1940).

The landowner listed as Hellen Tate possibly was Helen (Ellen) Van Orman Tate (1824-1898), widow of Robert Tate (1827-1888). Helen and Robert were immigrants, she born in the Netherlands and he in England. They had five children: Helen Mary, Robert William, Charles H., Margaret E., and Albert Tate.

Sarah Anthony possibly was Sarah Bancroft (b. ca. 1850), oldest daughter of William Fleming Bancroft and Cornelia Steele Morgan, and wife of Gaylord Anthony.

F. B. Chapman probably was Franklin Barnes Chapman (1854-1925), son of Andrew J. Chapman and Eliza Ann Barnes and husband of Mary Viola Eaker. They had two children: Homer Lee and Katherine Lillian Chapman.

Robert B. Eaker (1834-1917) was son of David Eaker and Belinda Bayles and husband of Catherine L. Andrews (1834-1916). They had four children: Annette L., Mary Viola (mentioned above), John R., and Charles L. Eaker.

Mrs. John Eaker presumably was Martha M. Wheat Eaker (1860-1941), widow of John R. Eaker (1861-1891) mentioned above. She was the daughter of William Henry Wheat and Huldah M. Chase. John and Martha had a son, John R. Eaker, Jr. (1892-1914).

Henry C. Elliott (1866-1952) was son of Charles Elliott and Flora Close and wife of Ursula Van Liew (1864-1942). Ursula was daughter of John Van Liew and Mary Etta Mosher.

Nancy Fish (1817-1902) was the widow of Charles Fish (1810-1877).

B. F. Gould appears to be Benjamin F. Gould (1843-1914), son of DeWitt C. Gould and Hannah Akin and husband of Emeline Amelia Palmer (1845-1929). Benjamin was a wounded Civil War vet and has been previously discussed in this blog. Benjamin and Emeline had three children: Emeline A., Libbie, and Charlotte A. Gould.

Abigail Hunter appears to be Abigail Davis (1811-1905), widow of Daniel Hunter (1805-1888). Abigail and Daniel had five children that I am aware of: Mary P., Daryl D., Eliza, Nancy A., and Lyman B. Hunter.

Lyman B. Hunter (1842-1917) presumably is the L. B. Hunter listed as a Scipio landowner in 1898. He married Eleanor Chase (1851-1905), daughter of John P. Chase and Lois Emeline Hart. Lyman and Eleanor had two children: David and Mabel E. Hunter.

Lillian King probably is Lillian Hoxie King, wife of James Marsh King, discussed above.

John Knox (1832-1900) was son of Robert Knox and Elizabeth Chamberlain and husband of Elizabeth Bulkley (1835-1903). They apparently were childless.

Clarence B. Lawson (1863-1934) was husband of Anna Story (1863-1935). Anna was daughter of Manassah A. Story and Catherine LaMont.

George Loyster probably was George W. Loyster (1837-1905), son of Peter Loyster and Angelina Van Auken of Niles and wife of Harriet M. Clark (1848-1905). George W. and Harriet had one son, Hobart Duane Loyster (1874-1960). Hobart married Bessie Frank Tompkins (1876-1957).

Hinman Loveland (1837-1902) was son of Alfred Loveland and Elizabeth Rumsey and husband of Virtue Hathaway (1838-1926). Hinman and Virtue had four children: Herbert N., Alfred E., Eleanor, and Floyd H. Loveland.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Such great details, Roger, thanks for sharing this information.
I will add a few details too.
Hellen Tate, widow of Robert Tate,was actually Helen Van Ommen. The last name is often seen as Van Orman and has led to lots of confusion for family researchers.
Her sister, Elizabeth Van Ommen, was the wife of Civil War veteran Richard Hitchcock, son of Thomas and Hannah Gunnell Hitchcock who immigrated to Poplar Ridge in 1850 and whose ancestors remain today.
I just received a packet of information on Manassah Story and his family and am looking forward to sharing some details here on the blog as well as developing a family file at the Scipio Town Building. The Story family was still residing on Wyckoff Road in Scipio into the 1960's,; Manassah's son Leslie and his wife Millie Gordon Story were the last to own the property where Manassah built the house.

Roger A. Post said...

Thanks for straightening me out on the Van Ommen name and the Hitchcock connection!

With regard to Les Story, the one thing that I remember most about him was how slow he drove in his pickup. It seemed to me that Les went about 15 mph on the country roads. That probably would be fatally slow nowadays but certainly would enable good viewing of the neighbors' crops!