Sunday, March 28, 2010

Assessment in 1860 continue

More of Scipio’s property owners:

Strong, Joanna
Story, M. A.
Smith Elijah
Smith, Jno V
Smith Bonin(?)
Smith, Bemjamin
Smith, Valson
Shorkley, Julia A.
Slocum, Giles
Sperry, Ambrose
Smith, Harvy
Searing, Chas W
Searing, Richard
Searing, Leonard
Searing, Rebecca
Searing, Samuel
Sandwich, Isaac
Sensabox & Gould
Standish, Henry
Smith, Thom (?)
Spangleer, Henry
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Hannah
Shaw, nos T.
Shelf (or Shelss), Jacob W.
Smith, Robt.
Scully, Wm.
Shirlock, Nicolas
Slocum, Geo
Slocum, Henry
Smith, Chaz F.
Smith, Ellnathan Jr.
Smith, Eli
Smith, Cynthia
Snyder, Jno
Smith, Ellnathan
Smith, Crosby
Snyder, Henry
Snyder, Cynthia
Seely, Alvin
Seering & Green
Searing, Leonard
Sperry, Philo Jr


Dan Searing said...

Wow..exciting..your blog came up on my Google Alert for 'searing', and your town is in my memory banks...:) Here is what my cousin Ann said:
"Yes - Scipio is old Searing territory.
Near Poplar Ridge where great-grandfather
Edward was born.
Ann, Jane, etc names are familiar.
There was a Jane Searing in the
area who lived to be very old...
dying in about 1955 or 60 maybe.
Bradley (Patterson) lives in Scipio Center...
there's Scipio and Scipioville...
The old Searing Cemetery is now
called the Friends' (it's Quaker)
Cemetery. Jim and I have been there,
and there are quite a lot of Searing tombstones - very old ones...."

So I am anxious to follow up..I do belong to Ancestry and did some quick checks on the names, but will have to do more. Thanks so much for the blog listing....has there been any other follow up? Are there more records available on line?(I live in Maryland) (I also do a blog at and would like to mention your blog there, with your permission.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Hi, Dan, I'm glad you found us! The Searing name is very well-known in this area. In the "it's a small world" department - you'll be interested to know that I am on the Board of that very same Friend's Cemetery, and our annual meeting is coming up May 3rd. I have been working on a project with the Cayuga County Rootsweb Coordinator and we are about ready to add to the Friend's Cemetery list of names, the photos of several grave markers including that of Jane Searing. I will let you know when that occurs.
My blog is about it for Scipio-specific online information, but I would be happy to research what we might have available at the town office. I believe a Searing was a Town Clerk, and there are other references I know.
Have you visited A wonderful site, composed of old newspaper articles and quite searchable. You'll find some information there I bet.
Please, feel free to mention my blog. I can't wait to go take a peek at your Searing blog as well!

Dan Searing said...

Sandie, great to hear from you! I have to laugh as when Searings contact me through my blog I call it 'checking in', and here I am doing the same thing with you. I will certainly check out your suggestions, and look forward to following your projects. And happy to have you check out the blog, it has been a labor of on-again, off-again love, but I still enjoy it and try to improve it with each entry. There are some 100+ Searings on Twitter as well, and I have been trying to put more material on there; and there are a bunch of us on Facebook, at the group My Name is Searing, if you get any chance for referrals...:) Thanks again for the comeback comment, and look forward to reading your posts....