Thursday, March 25, 2010

More 1860 Assessments

Let’s talk some more about 1860. By this time, Scipio had been in existence about 65 years. It was populated by families, many of whom were farmers. There were churches, schools and libraries. Members of a Quaker group in the hamlet of Sherwood participated the Under Ground Rail Road. If I squint when I read the assessment book, it appears there were 366 pieces of property that year, everything from ½ acre to 200 or 300 acres.
State Taxes were $1420.65. County taxes, $2529.97. School taxes were $780.28, and Town taxes were $298.99.
Usually with the lists I put on the Scipio blog I start at the top of the alphabet. Let’s change things up for 1860:
Wooden, Sally
Wooden, William
Wright, Wilson
Whitfield, Geo.
Walton, Hannah
Ward, Hope
Ward, Irvin
Wood, Amzi
Wood, Amzi in trust
Wood, Oliver
Webster, Nathan
Webster, Nathan J
Watkins, G. S.
Wilson, Isaac
Whitfield, Chs
Wilson, Isaac in trust
Watkins, Sedra (?)
Watkins, Roswell
Weeks, Ira
Warner, Sally
Wallis, Sally
Wyckoff, G. B.
Wilson, Wm
Wyckoff, Alonzo
Wheat, Samuel
White, David M.
White, Luthan (?)
Waring, Raimond & Geo
Waring, Raimond
Ward, Hiram
Ward, Artemas & Bro(?)
Wilson, Samuel


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, "Sedra" Watkins may well have been Leddra (Ledra) Watkins (1823-1904), son of Samuel Watkins and Mary Griswold and husband of Hannah Lattow (1824-1896).

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Thanks, Roger. If you have seen a name before, it is sometimes easier to figure out what the writer might be writing. I've gone back sometimes and having seen a name somewhere, am able to figure out what eluded me before.